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Does Blackout have custom game bots

I’m wondering if blackout has offline custom games with bots
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Why does black ops 4 have to be an online campaign it makes no sense please explain?
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How do I make a clan
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Blackout on bo4

Is blackout split screen on ps4 or Xbox because I want it but I have a younger brother.
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Bo3 dark matter quick on Xbox 360

Does anyone know a glitch to get dark matter quick or instantly on a last gen i have been grinding and it is taking to long
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Blundergat upgrade, which to go(Blood of the dead)

Which of the blundergat upgrade is the one to go? The acid one or lava?
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How to get magma gat kinda on origins bo2

This is not clickbait but it requires a mod menu the iconic infect specifically go on origins get a ksg then open the menu pap it then change bullets into fire staff ug thwn you got a magmagat on origins that 1 shots the panzers
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Infinite warfare

I really want COD infinite warfare!😭
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What MW Game?

What modern warfare game do you think is the best?
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Call of duty black ops 4 reviews PS4, Xbox one and PC honest opinion

Hi I was wondering what everyone thinks of call of duty black ops 4 what are the pros and cons and what can it do to improve or should improve on and what about the editions I was thinking of buying it for Xbox one or PS4 or PC I want your honest opinion on this. And should I buy it or not?and off topic but should I renew Xbox live and game pass tell me why or why not?
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Bo4 is Fortnite Equivalent

I think Bo4 is too much like Fortnite. It seems to me the guns are a lot weaker and the range is shorter identical to Fortnite. The only differences are that in Fortnite jumping is a good technique and Cod is a FPS. Like if you agree
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Voyage of despair

How do you finish the bo4 zombie map voyage of despair?
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Call Of The Dead 2

Remaster... remake.. I don''t care as long as they bring back the Scavenger Sniper, George Romero and the lighthouse back to bo4! This map was hated by some but loved by many!

The Fog made the map scary and George made the map a tad hard, unlike Zombie maps in bo3. Now that bo4 is out and the difficulty is kind of back up, this map DESERVES a comeback. This map was huge, and the water/freezing dynamic has been missing in a zombies map since bo1!

Some of you will say that George was annoying, but come on, I still play this map on my ps3 till today (the only reason I did not sell my ps3 yet) we had all the means necesary to destroy him. The easter egg was GREAT and the reward when killing George was awesome!

One of the best maps till today in my opinion and would LOVE/HOPE/PRAY they bring back this map.
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Blood of the dead crystal

What is the crystal post revelations richtofen defeats Brutus the zombies and hellhounds with

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While i was noclipping on mob

On mob i was noclipping with mods like the idiot i am i found this it feels significant to the story
Post image
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A few months ago I finally finished the COD ghosts campaign I felt so sad it was such a great story!😭
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Who plays call of duty advanced warfare on ps4

Because I am I got a 35 kill streak
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Back ops 4

What do think of Black ops 4?
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Call of Duty: Black Ops Mobile

is it still here to play???

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What’s the best black ops one map

  • Nuke town
  • Jungle
  • Havana
  • Firing range
  • Launch site
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