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"Stretch" Roger
CoD2 BRO - Liberators
Stretch on the dual M2s.
Appears in Call of Duty 2: Big Red One
Rank Bombardier
Affiliations United States Air Force
Roland Roger (older brother)
Nationality American
Status Alive
Sex Male
Race Caucasian
Weapon M2 Browning Machine Guns
Level "Liberators"
"Man, I'm gonna have to write home about this."
— Stretch at the end of the mission "Liberators".

"Stretch" Roger was a B-24 bombardier who served during World War II. He was the brother of Roland Roger. He only appeared in the level "Liberators".


Stretch was a B-24 Liberator bombardier during World War II, his only appearance was a mission over Oran in 1942, in preparation for Operation Torch. His bomber took off and within hours, were in range of the coast of Oran. Along the way to Oran, the fleet encountered at least a dozen German heavy cargo planes and were suddenly attacked by multiple German Me 109 fighters. As the crew of his bomber took losses, Stretch took over multiple gunning positions to help fend off waves of attacks by the Me 109s.

After being reinforced by a squadron of P-38 fighters, he went up to the nose of the plane and aimed for the fuel tanks and the factories in Oran. He hit all targets successfully and as a result Lt. Elliot recommended him for a medal.


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