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For the variant in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Call of Duty Online, see ACR.
ACR menu icon MW3
ACR (Campaign)
ACR 6.8
(Spec Ops, Survival & Multiplayer)

150-75 (SP), 45-30 (MP)

Damage Multipliers

1.4x head

Weapon Class

Assault Rifle

Magazine Size

30 rounds (45 with Extended Mags)

Unlocked at

Level 50 (Multiplayer)
Level 14 (Survival Mode)

Cost (Survival Mode)


Starting Ammunition

30+600 (SP), 30+60 (MP)

Maximum Ammunition

30+630 (SP), 30+180 (MP)

Reload Time

1.9s loaded, 2.5s unloaded

Rate of Fire

800 RPM (SP), 705 RPM (MP)

Range (explanation)

1000-1500 (MP) ACR 6.8 Range MW3


Very low

Recoil center speed


Fire Mode


Used by

Delta Force

HUD icon

ACR 6.8 HUD icon MW3

Sound(s) Original sound

Silencer sound

Reload sound

Reload sound
(magazine empty)

Cocking sound

The ACR 6.8 is an assault rifle in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. It was first shown at the end of the Call of Duty: Elite trailer. Later, the ACR 6.8 was also seen with a mounted Holographic Sight held by Sandman, in an Amazon pre-order wallpaper.


The ACR is a rare weapon in the campaign, used by Derek "Frost" Westbrook only in the mission "Scorched Earth" equipped with a Hybrid Sight. Other friendly and enemy NPCs never carry one, and there is no way of receiving extra ammo for the weapon, though it has a high amount of reserve ammunition to compensate for this.


The ACR 6.8 is unlocked at Level 50 in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3's multiplayer. The damage output of the ACR 6.8 in Modern Warfare 3 is significantly higher than that of the ACR from Modern Warfare 2, dealing 45-30 damage, in comparison to 30-20. The ACR 6.8 retains its signature trait: the extremely low recoil, although it's slightly higher than its previous edition. With the Kick proficiency equipped, the ACR 6.8's recoil becomes near-zero, similar to the ACR in Modern Warfare 2. Combined with the fastest reload time in the AR category, these stats make the ACR 6.8 a potent weapon, particularly at medium to long ranges. However, the ACR 6.8 does have a slower rate of fire than some of the other assault rifles such as the M4A1 and the G36C, becoming slightly less effective in close quarters which could affect the player's gunfights with submachine guns and other assault rifles. At range, however, it beats the M4A1 (requiring one less bullet), and is also superior against low fire rate guns like the CM901 and the AK-47 at all ranges except mid range where the higher range of these guns may allow for a player to have a three hit kill where an ACR user would have a four hit kill.

The iron sights are somewhat bulky, but agreeable at longer range, so an optic (such as Red Dot Sight) is optional if the player wishes to use the ACR at medium-long range combat. The Hybrid Sight is useful for the ACR as it potentially increases both close-medium and long range combat effectiveness, with the higher zoom optic also being useful due to the weapon's very low recoil. The idle sway, while low compared to other assault rifles, can also make it difficult to get all shots hit the target at long range, though this can be negated with Stability. If the player does not have Stability yet (as it is unlocked at weapon level 28), Kick is also ideal for longer range, as it reduces the ACR's recoil to near-zero. Attachments can be used to have another attachment, such as Silencer without having to give up an optic. Focus can help the player keep on target if shot, which can be a matter of life and death if the flinch takes the player's aim away from the enemy.

The ACR 6.8 is arguably the best assault rifle for Hardcore game modes as it does 30 damage at long range; this means that it will always be a one-shot kill anywhere to the body at any range, unless the target is behind any cover. The only other assault rifle that can match this is the MK14, which is semi-automatic, but may still kill a target hiding behind cover due to its high damage.

The ACR 6.8 is a very common sight in-game due to its good all-around stats, boasting high damage and accuracy along with a quick reload time. Because of this, one can find ammo from fallen players easily, reducing the need for Scavenger.

In the Infected mode "Knife vs. Barrett", the first infected player is given an ACR 6.8 with Silencer and Red Dot Sight. After another player is infected, however, they aren't able to use it again.

Special OpsEdit

The ACR 6.8 is available for both Survival and Mission modes.

Mission ModeEdit

The ACR 6.8 is a starting weapon in the Mission Mode challenge Stay Sharp and Black Ice. In "Stay Sharp", it is bare, while in "Black Ice", it has a Holographic Sight equipped. If playing on co-op, the gunner will have access to the ACR 6.8 while driving to the base.

Survival ModeEdit

The ACR 6.8 is available in Survival Mode at level 14 and costs $3000. It is a starting weapon on Off Shore, with an ACOG Scope and Underbarrel Shotgun.

The ACR 6.8 is used by commando troops in later waves, which allows the player to scavenge their ammunition after killing them. The ACR 6.8 is a solid overall weapon in Survival because of its low recoil and rather high damage, which makes it effective at all ranges. As with all weapons, it is advised to go for headshots in later waves to speed up killing time and to save ammo.



  • Kick - Unlocked at weapon level 4.
  • Impact - Unlocked at weapon level 9.
  • Attachments - Unlocked at weapon level 12.
  • Focus - Unlocked at weapon level 16.
  • Breath - Unlocked at weapon level 22.
  • Stability - Unlocked at weapon level 28.


For attachment images, see ACR 6.8/Attachments.
For camouflage images, see ACR 6.8/Camouflage.



  • Remington, the weapon's manufacturer, is written on the side of the weapon.
  • In the Survival Mode Trailer, it used the same Create-a-Class image from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.
  • Weapon camouflage is not applied to the stock, with the exception of Gold Camouflage.
  • In the Campaign, when equipped with the Hybrid Sight, the rear sight is missing but when equipped in Multiplayer, the sight is just folded backwards.
  • In the Modern Warfare 3 Special Ops survival trailer, it is possible to see that Red Dot Sight model from Modern Warfare 2 is used on the ACR.
  • The breaching animation when using the ACR is different to all other weapons, as seen in the spec ops mission "Black Ice". The player will not lower their weapon and instead will keep it raised after placing the Breaching Charge.
  • In the Create-a-Class image, the iron sight is folded down.

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