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A.S.D. (SP)
A.G.R. (MP)
AGR Menu icon BOII
AGR in Scorestreaks Menu
Appears in Call of Duty: Black Ops II
Found in Celerium, Karma, Achilles' Veil, Cordis Die, Judgement Day, Strike Force missions
Used by Navy SEALs
Cordis Die
Colossus Security
Weapons Machine Gun, Rockets
For the similar drones in Modern Warfare 3, see Assault Drone and UGV.

The A.G.R. is an Autonomous Ground Robot that appears in Call of Duty: Black Ops II. A.G.R.s have a similar appearance to the Assault Drones in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. Dropped in via a helicopter (specifically MQ Drone), it bursts out of its box and uses its powerful high caliber gun and rockets to decimate an enemy team. The A.G.R is highly navigable and can move through tight environments with ease. It can be controlled by the player or the AI (the player can switch in and out). It requires a score of 1000 in multiplayer. In the campaign, it is called A.S.D. (Automated Sentry Drone).

The AGR can easily be destroyed by using two EMP Grenades or by being hacked with a Black Hat. One EMP grenade will stun the drone for several seconds, and the second will destroy it. A single C4 can also destroy it. There can be up to two A.G.Rs on the map at the same time. In the campaign, if destroyed, it will start spinning in all directions and starts to anonymously chase a nearby enemy in only one direction which players can avoid by stepping out of it. Its explosion is highly lethal, which could result in severe damage or death.



Strike ForceEdit

Known A.S.D.sEdit


Trivia Edit

  • In single player, A.G.R.s are called A.S.D.s (Automated Sentry Drones).
  • The final version of the A.G.R. varies slightly from the one seen in the Reveal Trailer.
  • The challenge to unlock Skulls Camouflage for FHJ-18 AA requires the player destroy an A.G.R. with it. Three rockets from the launcher are required to destroy the A.G.R. or one EMP Grenade and two rockets.
    • The A.G.R. is one of three ground-based scorestreak that can be targetted by the FHJ, others are Sentry Gun and Guardian.
  • In Theater mode, the A.G.R, along with the VTOL Warship and Dragonfire, will have their timers resume as normal when gameplay is paused.
  • It is possible drive an A.G.R onto a MQ-27 Dragonfire in multiplayer.
  • In multiplayer, one cannot kill someone by impact with the A.G.R.
  • In single player, the A.S.D. spins and opens fire with the machine gun and the missiles if it is destroyed.
    • In multiplayer, the AGR spins if destroyed by EMP Grenades.
  • There is a glitch in multiplayer that occurs when the match ends while the player is manually controlling the A.G.R., the A.G.R. will be destroyed and the player will end the match holding a Death Machine.
  • Getting a kill with the A.G.R. gets the medal "Bouncer", while destroying one gets the medal "Drone Hunter".
    • In multiplayer, the MQ Drone delivering the A.G.R. counts as a Care Package Carrier, as destroying it gives the "No Tip" medal.
  • The crate the A.G.R. comes in reads:
    MODEL A500
  • The A.S.D.'s that are used in the Strike Force Mission I.E.D. are much faster than anywhere else in Call of Duty: Black Ops II.
  • Stealth Choppers and Escort Drones can engage enemy A.G.R.s, and A.G.R.s will engage them too while in AI mode, but only with its machine gun.
  • It will use its machine gun for close range engagements and rockets for long range engagements in both multiplayer and campaign.
  • There is a glitch that allows the player to call in an infinite amount of A.G.R.s with a limitation of two A.G.R.s  in single map without losing it's scorestreak. By unhook it's beacon and holding it until the player gets killed. The beacon will be active after hitting the ground but the scorestreak will remain active. Wait until the A.G.R comes out from it's box in case to call in the second A.G.R.
  • The version of the A.G.R. in the Reveal Trailer highly resembles the MAARS UGV.
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