A Dish Best Served Cold
Previous level Zero Hour
Next level The Guided Tour
Game Call of Duty: Strike Team
Character Chavez
Team Joint Special Operations Command
Place S.A.P. Site Juliet Two-Nine, Arctic Circles, U.S. waters
Date October 22nd, 2020
Objective Provide close air support.
Clear extraction route and clean up enemy forces.
Take down enemy helicopter.
Enemies Mercs (dressed as Russian Federation soldiers)
"Air support is inbound but the base is on the full alert. Evac will be across the ice flow at the stricken breaker. Stay sharp, it's going to get hot."
— Mission description

A Dish Best Served Cold is the sixth campaign mission in Call of Duty: Strike Team, and the last mission in the Arctic Scene.

Pre-Mission Transcript Edit

Onslaught: Overlord, Overlord -- The bird is in the air. It's gonna get hot down here fast! Request immediate evac! Do you copy?!

Overlord: Solid copy, Onslaught. Proceed to extraction. Air support synced and live fire is available. Call it.