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Ryan Jackson: Alex Mason. File thick as a book and redacted beyond recognition. Bay of Pigs. Vorkuta. Dallas. Rumours and urban legends follow this man like a stench; it's near impossible to filter the truth from the fiction. But ask anyone. Mason was born and bred for the Division, a man who could think on his feet, improvise, and turn an ugly situation into a win. Take, for example, Operation Active Measures - a simple asset recovery gone sideways...


Mason hops from a ledge.

Mason: Hudson, man, something's not feeling right.

Hudson: Be cool. Nothing to be paranoid about now. Guy just wants to come in. Use your night vision to guide him through the tunnels without raising suspicion.

Mason: I see him. Approaching the asset now.

The man is killed by a sniper.

Mason: Sniper! There's a sniper! Hudson, he dropped something.

Hudson: Mason, check the body. Did he have anything?

Mason: Searching the body now.

Mason goes to the body and retrieves the microfiche.

Hudson: Damn. Head for the tunnel. You've got to move!

Mason goes down into the tunnel area.

Hudson: Hostiles everywhere! Take out the lights!

Mason shoots out a control panel, killing the lights.

Hudson: Use your night vision!

Mason continues through the tunnels.

Hudson: Pick up the pace, Mason. We have someone en route to pick you up, but he won't wait long.

Mason exits the tunnels.

Mason: Approaching now. Can't wait to see what's so goddamn important that the KGB would send a small army to get it back.

A car brakes in front of Mason.

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