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Advanced Supply Drops are a micro-DLC item in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. The player is able to purchase Supply Drops on all platforms excluding PC. Each one purchased contains three items: at least one weapon variant, and one item of professional or elite status; it is still possible for the player to receive duplicates of items. Each item has its own armory slot, and can be redeemed for XP. There are many exclusive character gears that can be acquired from Advanced Supply Drops, unobtainable from standard Supply Drops, though there is no guarantee that the player may receive these on any given Advanced Supply Drop.

For players who don't want to purchase Advanced Supply Drops, players will earn Advanced Supply Drops at ranks 20, 30, 40, and after prestiging. Since the PC version lacks the option of purchasing Advanced Supply Drops, this is the only way to obtain them on the platform.


  • 1 Advanced Supply Drop for $1.99 / 1.99€ / £1.69
  • 3 Advanced Supply Drops for $5.99 / 5.99€ / £4.49
  • 6 (5 + 1 Bonus) Advanced Supply Drops for $9.99 / 9.99€ / £7.99
  • 13 (10 + 3 Bonus)Advanced Supply Drops for $19.99 / 19.99€ / £16.99
  • 28 (20 + 8 Bonus) Advanced Supply Drops for $39.99 / 39.99€ / £31.99

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