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Air Traffic Control
Previous level Checking Out
Next level Active Measures
Game Call of Duty: Black Ops: Declassified
Character Frank Woods
Place Tan Son Nhut Air Base, South Vietnam
Date 1975
Enemies NVA
"Recover the CIA analysts and prepare for evac."
— In-game description

Air Traffic Control is the second Operation in Call of Duty: Black Ops: Declassified. It involves Frank Woods to rescue groups of CIA Operatives and clear a runway for evacuation.



"We're not leaving you in 'Nam this time."
— After completing the mission

The mission begins with Frank Woods sneaking up on two unsuspecting guards. After clearing the first room, Woods moves through the next few hallways, clearing any resistance. The next two rooms have moderate resistance, so caution should be taken before entering. Woods will then jump through a hole into a glass ceiling, directly above where the first group of CIA Analysts are located. After saving the first group, continue to move forward. The second and final group is located nearby, and contains moderate resistance. Eventually, Woods will arrive at an enemy mortar team, which is easily eliminated. Finally, mortar strikes must be used to clear the runway of hostiles and aircraft. The mission ends once all aircraft are destroyed.


Starting LoadoutEdit

Found in MissionEdit


The Sky Is Mauling! (Bronze Trophy Bronze Trophy PS3 icon) - Kill 3 enemies with Mortar Strike in ‘Air Traffic Control’ Operation.

World's Best Babysitter (Bronze Trophy Bronze Trophy PS3 icon) - Save all Analysts in ‘Air Traffic Control’ Operation.


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