Ryan Jackson: Jason Hudson was the most connected agent at Langley; could get anyone to say anything. The man had a way with words. Just ask Dr. Daniel Clarke. Hudson got word that a contingent of Agency analysts was apprehended by the NVA and transported to the Tan Son Nhut Air Base to be handed over to the KGB. With all eyes on the evacuation of Saigon, Hudson had to make a judgement call. And he had the perfect tool to get the job done... Frank Woods.


Woods stealthily sneaks up on a group of NVA soldiers.

Woods: Hudson, you readin' me?

Hudson: Affirmative. We know the analysts are here, waiting to be disappeared. Get in, get 'em out. We don't fuckin' forget anybody.

Woods: Roger fuckin' that.

Woods engages them.

Hudson: Act fast or they will terminate the prisoners. Not a very big window on this one, Woods.

He fights through the building, pushing through the NVA soldiers.

Hudson: The clock is ticking! ... Get in there now! ... They will execute!

Woods approaches the area above the prisoners.

Woods: They got 'em just below.

He smashes through a window and shoots the NVA soldiers.

Woods: All clear. First group secure. Moving to the second group.

He continues through the building and finds the prisoners near NVA soldiers.

Woods: Keep your fuckin' head down!

Woods clears the room.

Woods: Second group secure. On my way out.

Hudson: Shit, MIGs. They're scrambling the MIGs! Our evac won't last a second with those in the air! Take 'em out. Mortar team standing by! Show us where to put 'em, Woods.

Woods calls a mortar strike on the first MIG.

Hudson: That did it.

He calls mortar strikes on the other 2 MIGs.

Hudson: We are ready to fly. We're not leaving you in 'Nam this time.

Woods: Hah. What the fuck would you do without me?