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Nikolai Badanov's tank and the T-34s in the warehouse from the previous mission begin moving out.

Gavrilov: Attention, all remaining units regroup at the train depot. We need more tanks to breach the airfield.

Petrov: Let's go blow up some planes! Roll out!

They fight through German infantry and tanks and reach the train depot. From there, they reach the hangar area and destroy 9 planes planning to take off. German infantry open the door to another warehouse, and the T-34s pass through it to approach the airfield.

Belinki: Flak guns, up ahead!

They reach the airfield and see planes attempting to take off.

Belinki: Keep those planes out of the air!

After destroying a few planes, Badanov's tank moves out to the northern end of the airfield.

Vidov: Attention all units. We need support at the control tower, over.

Badanov's tank moves up a hill covered with destroyed tank debris. 2 tanks block a section of the road.

Petrov: The road is blocked. We have to go on foot from here. From the vehicle, dismount!

The tank crew exits the tank.

Volok: Sir, the fascists have barricaded themselves inside the control tower.

They fight off the German soldiers in the initial area.

Belinki: Comrades, attack!

The group moves up the hill and enter the control tower through the back. They clear it out.

Petrov: Let's gather some intelligence for headquarters.

Badanov picks up German documents.

Badanov: Look. This will certainly make some heads turn. Let's get back to headquarters.

The soldiers leave the building.

Petrov: Nice bonfire you lit up today, comrades! That should keep us warm most of the Winter.

The screen shows a map left in the room of attack plans.

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