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For the character in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, see Vasquez.
Alberto Vasquez
Alberto vasquez CoDO
Appears in Call of Duty Online
Affiliations Brazilian Militia
Task Force 141 (as informant)
Status K.I.A.
Killed By Rook or Ghost (player-determined)
Birth November 8th, 1968
Sex Male
Height 183 cm (6'0)
Weight 182 lbs
Build Heavy
Eyes Green
Race Latino
Death July 24, 2013 (aged 44)
Weapon .44 Magnum

Alberto Vasquez was an informant within Task Force 141 and a character in Call of Duty Online. In the mission "The Pickup", he attempted to escape after his cover was blown. A squad of Task Force 141 soldiers were sent to capture him alive. Afterwards, in the mission "Crash Landing", he is rescued by the Brazilian Militia and attempts to execute Rook, but Simon "Ghost" Riley intervenes and blinds him with a flashbang. Vasquez is then gunned down by either Ghost or Rook.


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