Alena Vorshevsky
Alias(es) Athena (codename in "Scorched Earth")
Appears in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
Rank Daughter of the President of Russia
Nationality Russian
Status Alive
Birth 1992, Moscow, Russia (age 24)
Sex Female
Height 5' 8"
Weight 125lb
Build Average
Hair Brown
Eyes Blue
Race Caucasian
Voice Actress Anna Graves

Alena Borisovna Vorshevsky (Russian: Алёна Борисовна Воршевская) is a character that appeared in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. She is the daughter of the Russian President Boris Vorshevsky.



She studied at the Primary School of Moscow, graduated with exemplary grades at the Secondary School of Moscow in London and studied English Literature at Harvard. She then returns to Moscow to travel the world on charity missions.[1]

World War IIIEdit

Alena was on the plane that took her father to negotiate peace with NATO, when the Inner Circle attempted to hijack the plane. After the plane crash landed in Europe, she was secured by her security detail who took her to a safehouse in Berlin while her father was captured by Vladimir Makarov.[2] Days later, when Makarov had discovered her location, her security was compromised. She contacted US forces who sent Delta Force to rescue her. They reached her too late as Makarov's men took her away in a Hind.[2] While under captivity she seemed to have been beaten by some of the Ultranationalists as her face could be seen bruised. Later, a joint operation between Delta Force and Task Force 141 assaulted a diamond mine in Siberia where she and her father were kept hostage. She was rescued and taken by a Delta Force operative who secured an evacuation and medical treatment for her.[3]

Special OpsEdit

Alena Vorchevsky is the only hostage that the player needs to rescue in the Special Ops mission Hostage Taker in order to successfully complete it. When the player is near her location, a terrorist will use her as a human shield and the player would need to shoot the terrorist to complete the mission.



  • Her last name is misspelled "Vershovsky" in the cutscene of "Scorched Earth".
  • Alena is a Russian name, but not spelled correctly. A more exact transcription for the name is Alyona.
  • Her last name should be "Vorshevskaya", to meet its Russian pronunciation.


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