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For other uses, see All or Nothing.

All or Nothing is a game mode introduced as part of FFA Gunplay. Players are equipped with an empty USP .45 with a Tactical Knife, and a Throwing Knife, and the perks Hardline, Extreme Conditioning, and Stalker. They are also equipped with Sleight of Hand and a modified Dead Silence that only stops fall damage, however these perks aren't actually shown. Players initially start with no ammo. When a player gets their first kill, they unlock Scavenger and can then pick up ammo. Players are reset with no ammo after they are killed. The game ends when a player reaches 20 kills or the time limit is reached.



  • The Default Class the players must select in All or Nothing is "BOXOFDEMONS".
    • "BOXOFDEM0NS" is the name of the player who created this game mode.
  • It was originally in a game mode playlist called FFA Gunplay. Gun Game and One in the Chamber were removed from the playlist on September 1, 2012 when fans made a petition to be given an 'All or Nothing Only' playlist. Infinity Ward simply removed Gun Game and One in the Chamber, granting the fans their All or Nothing only game mode.

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