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Ammo Pickup BOII
Ammo Pickup
Unlocked at

5 Challenges in "Cordis Die"

For a similar perk, see Scavenger (perk).

The Ammo Pickup is a Campaign Perk used in Call of Duty: Black Ops II.

It is unlocked after the player completes five challenges in the mission Cordis Die. It will replenish frag grenades, Semtex, Flashbangs, Concussion Grenade, EMP Grenades, Smoke Grenade, Shock Charges, and Combat Axes. It will not replenish C4, Claymores, XM31 Grenades, or both versions of the Death Machine.


  • Ammo Pickup ammo packs have the same model as the Scavenger ammo packs from Multiplayer.

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