Anti-Armor is a multiplayer weapon class in Call of Duty 3.


The primary weapon of the Anti-Armor class is a rocket launcher, either a Bazooka or a Panzerschreck, depending on what faction the player is. The Anti-Armor's sidearm is a pistol, either a M1911 or a Walther P38. The player also has the special ability of dropping ammo packs to help teammates. The number of ammo packs that can be dropped is affected by the player's rank. The player must wait until the Special Ability meter fills before dropping another ammo pack.




  • When holding the Anti-Armor primary weapon, the player will walk and run much slower than with its secondary weapon, the M1911 or the Walther P38 sidearms.
  • This is the only gun in the game that doesn't use the four-point crosshairs.
  • The Bazooka uses crosshairs while the Panzerschreck uses a type of iron sights unique to it.