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The Aperture Sight is a precision sight in Call of Duty: World at War with an open view around it.

Call of Duty: World at WarEdit

The Aperture Sight is similar to the Red Dot Sight. There is a black crosshair with a fairly large black dot center. The bullet(s) will then shoot where the black dot is currently pointing at, as is the case with the red dot in the Modern Warfare series.This sight is useful for quick acquisition of targets and keeping scoped in while still being able to monitor the surrounding area. It provides the same amount of zoom as rifle iron sights, but with increased peripheral visibility. The aperture sight is useful for medium-to-close combat. It is often seen on the STG-44, as the low recoil makes it relatively easy to home in on a target with the aperture sight attachment. The Aperture Sight does not actually lessen recoil, so recoil is a bit more noticeable depending on the weapon being used.

It is only unlocked by completing Marksman II Challenges (75 kills with weapon) with rifles and SMGs. The bullet(s) will then shoot where the black dot is currently pointing at, as is the case with the red dot in the Modern Warfare series.

Weapon Compatibility Edit


Trivia Edit

  • The Aperture Sight raises the user's point of aim, so when the PPSh-41 is being fired, less expelled gas is visible than without the attachment.
  • If the player puts an Aperture Sight on a SVT-40, its front iron sight will be removed.
  • The Aperture Sight seems to somewhat light up dark areas a bit. This is most notable in Makin or in some dark hallways in Asylum.
  • When placed on the MP40 with Bandolier, the player starts with 160 rounds of ammunition, as opposed to 192 without it.
  • This attachment is not seen in third person.

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