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Apothicon Servant BO3
Apothicon Servant

Weapon Class

Wonder Weapons

Magazine Size

1 round

Cost (Zombies)

Free (Buildable)
950 (Mystery Box)

Starting Ammunition

1 + 9

Maximum Ammunition

1 + 10

Fire Mode


Used by

Shadows of Evil Cast

Console codename(s)


The Apothicon Servant (also known as the Interdimensional Gun in the game files) is a Wonder Weapon in the Zombies maps Shadows of Evil and Revelations. When shot, it produces a purple-coloured black-hole that sucks away and destroys any nearby zombies, similar to the Gersh Device.

Shadows of Evil Edit

The Apothicon Servant takes three parts to build:

  1. Margwa Heart: Can be dropped by a Margwa the first time it is killed. It disappears momentarily if it is not picked up, spawning again on the next spawning Margwa.
  2. Xenomatter: Randomly dropped by Parasites or Insanity Elementals after round 12.
  3. Margwa Tentacle: Can be found randomly in any of the pods that can be harvested (only appears if the pod has grown to its greater size and has a red or purple color).

After all parts have been collected, the weapon can be built at any of the buildable tables around the map. When picked up, it can have either one of four names: Mar-Astagua (Shadow-Servant), Nar-Ullaqua (Teeth-Consume), Kor-Maroth (Eclipse-Shadow), and Lor-Zarozzor (Flow/Radiate-Decay).

Similarly to the Sliquifier and the KT-4, after being picked up, it is no longer available on the table it was built on, but if it is lost, it will be again available through the Mystery Box.

The Apothicon Servant cannot be Pack-a-Punched, and was supposed to have a specific upgrade method. It was discovered that the trigger for a step to upgrade it had been removed from the code[1]. When obtained through the /give command on PC, the upgraded variant has Arbgwaoth (Powerup) appended to its name, ammunition increased to 1+13 (was 1+24 before a patch in September 2016[2]) and it fires dark red portals which last longer and suck zombies faster. It does not have a specific texture.

Revelations Edit

In Revelations, the Apothicon Servant can be obtained from the Mystery Box. Unlike Shadows of Evil, the Apothicon Servant has only one name, Estulla Astoth (Envy All).

The weapon is able to be upgraded by shooting it at 5 blue objects floating above some teleporters and jump pads. After this has been completed, it can be placed in the Pack-a-Punch Machine. The upgraded version is called Estoom-oth ("Estoom" means "sin/suffering" in Apothicon) and has a randomly colored camouflage texture similar to other upgraded weapons. It functions the same as the "Arbgwaoth" version in Shadows of Evil.

Estulla Astoth vs Estoom-oth Edit

Estulla Astoth Estoom-oth
Apothicon Servant First Person BO3 Estoom-oth BO3
Damage Infinite Infinite
Fire mode Single-shot Single-shot
Magazine size 1 1
Max ammo 9+1 14+1
Mobility Moderate Moderate
Extras More ammo, black holes last longer

Trophies/Achievements Edit

  • Wonderful - (BronzeBronze Trophy PS3 icon/15Gamerscore) - In Revelations, kill 10 enemies in one shot with each wonder weapon.

Gallery Edit


  • It was possible at one point for every player to have this weapon at once. It has since been patched.



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