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Entering Arcadia

Arcadia is an unincorporated community in Northern Virginia, and in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, is the first invasion point of Russian forces. The campaign missions "Wolverines!" and "Exodus" occur in Arcadia.

The first area within Arcadia that Pvt. James Ramirez explores is a very urban area, featuring shopping districts, and many restaurants, including Nate's, Burger Town, and Taco To Go. Near the shopping district there is a roadblock before the suburban part, and the urban part. However, an alley behind the diner leads out towards a NOVA gas station. Near the Burger Town and Taco To Go restaurants is an overpass, which leads out to the Johnson Highway. The end of the highway is blocked, and leads back to the suburban area.

In one part of the suburban area, there are many very nice houses, and covered bridges. However, many of the bridges led directly to 4677 Brookmere Road, the objective point of the Rangers at the time. This resulted in many detours through houses. In the back of the final house in the area (with the pool/spa), was a golf course. This golf course was a Russian vehicle base, containing two anti-air guns and BMP-2s. Ramirez took out two large sets of enemy vehicles on this golf course, using laser designators to call in support fire from the friendly Stryker, callsign "Honey Badger". Near a toll booth leading onto an intersection on the Johnson highway is an apartment building, which had been acquired by the Russians. Foley mentions there are over 2,000 civilians in Arcadia. The area contains a long stretch of houses, both small and mansion sized. A plaza was in the main square of the city near a highway.