Skirmish in No Man's Land




Invasion of Fort Santa Monica

Assault on Firebase Charlie
Dragunov Silencer on tripod CODG
Merrick, Logan, Hesh and Keegan prepared for the assault.

Federation War


June 7, 2027


Federation-occupied San Diego, California, USA


Death of Alex V. "Ajax" Johnson
Recovery of Ajax's body
Minor damage to Firebase Charlie


48-star U S flagUnited States

Flag of the Federation of the AmericasFederation


48-star U S flagThomas A. Merrick

Flag of the Federation of the AmericasGabriel T. Rorke


48-star U S flagGhosts

Flag of the Federation of the AmericasFederation Army


Alex V. "Ajax" Johnson

Tens to hundreds of Federation soldiers

"Gotta reach Ajax!"
— Merrick shouting about rescuing Ajax.

The Assault on Firebase Charlie was a operation to rescue a Ghost operative Alex V. "Ajax" Johnson from a forward operating base controlled by the Federation in a baseball stadium, codenamed Firebase Charlie.


After Hesh and Logan rendezvous with Merrick and Keegan, they proceed to Firebase Charlie. After surveying the area, they located Ajax with the Remote Sniper and proceed to tag trucks with sticky grenades and acquire a truck. Then, Logan detonated the grenades remotely and create a minor distraction while they ram the truck into one of the entrances of the stadium and proceed on foot.

The Ghosts fight their way through Federation resistance and breach the room Ajax was supposedly held in. Unfortunately, the Federation have already moved Ajax. They slide down on a collapsed roof where they are ambushed by RPG shooters. After Logan neutralized them with the Remote Sniper, they follow Riley's scent and fight in a lower part of the stadium. Then they reach a closed room with voices inside, Logan and Keegan flank around and breech the room from another door.

When they take out the soldiers inside, they find Ajax dying from blood loss. Ajax informs them that Rorke was hunting the Ghosts and shortly after, he dies. The Ghosts then shoot their way out to the stadium grounds where they steal a NH90 helicopter. Logan covers their take off with the Remote Sniper and then Riley brings down a Eurocopter to fly back to Fort Santa Monica.