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Audrey MacCallum
Audrey MaCallum IW
Nickname(s) Mac
Rank Lieutenant Commander
Captain (formerly)
Affiliations SATO
Two unnamed daughters
Status K.I.A.
Killed By Self-sacrifice via explosion
Hair Brown
Eyes Gray
Weapon NV4, Kendall 44
Equipment ATAD
Timeline Infinite Warfare Timeline
Actress Claudia Black
"Mac is the Retribution's chief engineer. After years of working her way up through the ranks, she rose to the level of Commander with a ship of her own, only to discover that the burden of sending men to their deaths was more than she could handle. She resigned and re-enlisted as a tech. As an Engineering Officer, she was ineligible to take command after Alder's death, leaving that task to the highest ranking Line Officer, Nick Reyes."
Captain's Log.

Lieutenant Commander Audrey "Mac" MacCallum is an engineer working on board the Retribution. She was once the captain of her own ship, but voluntarily stepped down after not being able to cope with the difficult decisions it brought on.

Right after seeing Nick Reyes and Sean Brooks alive, she blamed Captain Reyes for not leveling the SDF Shipyard. She then explained him about how a commander/leader can sacrifice for the thousands of people.

When Reyes was trying to set the charge inside the drop cage, an C6 Robot caught his right arm. She saved him by kniving robot but right away, she surrended herself to that robot. Reyes then tried to save her but she refused, stating that the mission might be complete. He then lets her go with bomb-set drop cage, exploding but voluntarily disabling launchers.

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