"Hack into 2 enemies' combat augmentations to force them to seize up. Enemies will have to fight against their own combat gear to move or shoot."
— Description
Terminal Breakdown cyber core icon BO3
Augmentation Breakdown
Weapon Class Cyber Core

Augmentation Breakdown is a Control cyber core in Call of Duty: Black Ops III. The ability is designed to be used against enemies with augmentations, most notably those of the 54 Immortals encountered earlier in the game. There is a ten second delay between uses.

It is most useful in long-range combat, where the player can easily take out snipers. In addition, it can be a life-saver against Warlords, who will freeze in place, allowing an easy kill.

Once upgraded, the core is named Terminal Breakdown, and causes augmentation joints to bend in hazardous, often fatal ways, leaving targets permanently debilitated.