Automated Snipers
Automated Sniper View from Tower AW
Games of appearance Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
Maps of appearance Infection
Cost 500

The Automated Snipers are a trap featured in the Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Exo Zombies map Infection.


It can be found in the Atlas Command area, in the area where the 3D Printer is found. It can be activated using the switch, and costs 500 points. When activated, two automated snipers located on the towers in the area will activate, and will shoot at the zombies in the area. The snipers can be easily noticed by the Laser Sight they use.

While not a guaranteed one-hit kill in higher rounds, the Automated Snipers are still a helpful trap to use; it is relatively cheap, and will assist the player in taking zombies down.