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Baker CoD
Appears in Call of Duty
Rank Private
Affiliations 82nd Airborne Division
Nationality American
Status Alive (as of 1945)
Sex Male
Race Caucasion
Weapon Thompson
Level Ste. Mere-Eglise-Day
"Jackson, Baker, follow me! We'll draw their fire! Go!"
Cpt. Foley

Private Baker was a paratrooper of the 82nd Airborne Division that was dropped into France on June 6, 1944. He was picked up by a mixed unit led by Cpt. Foley of the 101st Airborne and aided in the defense of Ste. Mere-Eglise against the German counterattack that followed later that morning.

After a Tiger I Panzer and Panzer-grenadier's go down one of the roads leading into the town, Foley ordered Baker and Pvt. Jackson to draw its fire while Pvt. Martin retrieved a Panzerfaust 60 from the town's church.