Baker One
Appears in Call of Duty 2
Found in "Crusader Charge"
"88 Ridge"
Used by British 7th Armoured Division
Status Active
"I hope this works!"
"Kill the chatter, Baker One!"
— Baker One and another allied tank exchanging communications before going into battle

Baker One (B1) was a British Crusader Tank of the British 7th Armoured Division that was the leader of Baker group, as seen in Call of Duty 2.

Call of Duty 2Edit

During the events of "Crusader Charge" on January 15, 1943, Baker One charged in formation across a small valley to engage German Panzer-II tanks that had a longer effective range than the British Crusader Tanks had. After the intense fighting that ended with all German tanks destroyed as well as most British tanks destroyed as well, Baker One regrouped with the other remaining tanks and headed to rally point Suzu.

A few days later during 88 Ridge on the 18th, Baker One participated in a similar charging maneuver to get within range of enemy German Paner-IIs. Baker One made it successfully to the top of the ridge and moved with the other Crusader Tanks, destroying FlaK 88 positions and additional Panzer-IIs guarding them. After the group of tanks entered a tight wind in the path along the ridge, Fox One reported reinforcing Panzer-IIs coming from the West and Crusaders started getting hit. Zebra One was ordered to catch up to the rest of the tanks and provide assistance while Baker One was ordered to stop and hold position. He continued onward and was immediately ordered to come back by his commanding officer.