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Assault on the USS Barack Obama


Second Cold War


Assault on the Haitian drone facility

Battle of Los Angeles
Call of Duty Black Ops ll Los Angeles
The Battle of Los Angeles

Second Cold War


June 19, 2025


Los Angeles, California

  • Cordis Die destroys all US drones
  • start of Cordis Die uprising (player-determined)

Flag of the United States United States

Cordis Die Logo BOII Cordis Die


Flag of the United States President Bosworth
Flag of the United States David Mason
Flag of the United States LAPD Chief of Police

Cordis Die Logo BOII Raul Menendez
Cordis Die Logo BOII DeFalco (player-determined)


United States Armed Forces

  • US Drone Fleet
  • Mercs
  • Sleeper Cells

Undetermined amount of soldiers and aircraft

full drone force, undetermined number of soldiers

The Battle of Los Angeles is a battle between Cordis Die and the United States.

Following his escape from the USS Obama, Raul Menendez launched the captured fleet of drones against Los Angeles, with others inbound for other U.S. and Chinese cities. David Mason and his team, with help from the LAPD, the FBI, the Secret Service, and 1 FA38 piloted by Anderson, escorted President Bosworth to "Prom Night", a bunker under the Bonaventure Hotel in downtown Los Angeles.

Meanwhile, the National Guard and LAPD fight off the Cordis Die forces, and 200 FA38's fight off the drones.


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