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Battle of Gela




Battle of Troina

Battle of Piano Lupo


World War II


July 11, 1943


Piano Lupo, Sicily


American victory


United States 1st Infantry and 82nd Airborne Divisions

German Hermann Goering Division [1]
Italian Army


Captain James

Oberst (Colonel) Paul Conrath


Light infantry with minor artillery support

Heavy infantry with armor support




The Battle of Piano Lupo was an air and ground engagement between the American forces and the Italian forces backed by German armor. The Battle of Piano Lupo took place in the Piano Lupo Valley, as portrayed in Call of Duty 2: Big Red One.

Call of Duty 2: Big Red OneEdit

A platoon-sized unit from the 82nd Airborne Division became isolated and surrounded by Italian forces in Piano Lupo, fending off multiple attacks throughout the night. Fox Company was tasked with relieving the unit from the 82nd. Before pulling out, German Stukas attacked the American base but where fended off by anti-aircraft emplacements. With artillery support, a column of Italian armor of vehicles were taken out when Pvt. Roger called in respective coordinates. After the squad passes the destroyed Italian armor, they make their way to an ancient ruin where Italian soldiers had set up camp. They rescue a U.S. Navy radioman before they make they make their way to the paratrooper camp. When the paratroopers were relieved, Cpt. James ordered Sgt. Hawkins to take his squad forward through tunnels carved through the mountainside and up to the front line. After arriving at a bunker, the squad defended the position and destroyed over a dozen advancing German tanks.

References Edit

  1. Piano Lupo, Call of Duty 2: Big Red One campaign.

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