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SR-71 Blackbird interior BO We have zero visibility on the ground. We need you to guide us to the target. Over.
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For the level in Call of Duty: Black Ops (Nintendo DS), see Behind Enemy Lines (Call of Duty: Black Ops DS).

Behind Enemy Lines is a multiplayer game mode that appears in Call of Duty and Call of Duty: United Offensive.

The objective is to take out as many enemy soldiers as possible before being overrun. It is similar to an elimination game type.

Gameplay Edit

Most people spawn as an Axis player except for a handful which spawn as Allies. If an Axis player kills an Allied soldier, the Axis soldier respawns as an Allied soldier and the Allied player spawns as an Axis soldier. The same concept is used in Call of Duty: United Offensive except with the new weapons and maps. The number of Allied soldiers is proportional to the total number of players on the server. Points are gained based on time as an Allied soldier and kills.

Strategy Edit

While the name implies a stealthy approach, there are numerous ways to survive as an Allied soldier. Not least of all is the necessity of cooperating with other Allied soldiers, as it is very difficult to cover angles of threat when alone. Working together allows for a greater chance of survivability.

In addition, Allied players need to decide between roaming or setting up a defensible strong point. Axis players will respawn relentlessly and Allied players will die sooner or later, but establishing a firm perimeter with a deadly mix of rifles, automatic weapons and grenades can often score far more points before being downed.

An example of a popular defense position in the central tower in POW Camp, which is accessible only by tall ladders and is generally well protected from ground level fire. However, marksmen shooting from rooftops can often score headshots and the tower is exposed to grenades.

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