Best Defense is Offense
Previous level The Truth Will Out
Next level Over and Under
Game Call of Duty: Strike Team
Character Marshall and Reed
Team Joint Special Operations Command
Place S.A.P. Site Juliet Two-Nine, Arctic Circles, U.S. waters
Date October 22nd, 2020
Objective Rally squad at security gate Beta.
Hack the sentry gun.
Enemies Mercs (Dressed as Russian Federation soldiers)
"Move quickly. Enemy forces bearing down on your location. Head towards the mountain pass, the missile complex lies beyond."
— Mission description

Best Defense is Offense is the third campaign mission in Call of Duty: Strike Team, and the third mission in the Arctic Scene.

Pre-Mission Transcript Edit

Onslaught: That's it -- they know we're here and all bets are off. We're going large and loud.