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K.A.D.: "Affirmative Big Eye 6, KC-135 is in the sector. They will meet you there. BigEye 6, you have the sky."
Mosely: "Copy K.A.D., my sky."
K.A.D. and Big Eye 6
Big Eye 6
Appears in Call of Duty Black Ops
Found in WMD
Used by U.S Air Force
Big Eye 6 is the callsign for the SR-71 Blackbird that was used in Call of Duty: Black Ops. It is seen in the level "WMD" and piloted by Captain Mosely and with Major Neitsch on the thermal screen. Neitsch uses the controls of Big Eye 6 to navigate Weaver, Hudson, Brooks and Harris past Russian soldiers to the Russian base.



  • Big Eye 6's codename is in line to the real life Big Eye Task Force, which used Lockheed EC-121 radar planes to form an early-warning radar network over Vietnam.
  • Big Eye 6 could also be a reference to the movie Executive Decision, where the Air Force has a plane tracking a hijacked plane named Big Eye 6.

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