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Intro Edit

A video of the Manticore intel they recovered from Antarctica is shown as Knox narrates to Cormack what they're seeing.

Knox: This is Manticore. A biological agent designed to target specific genotypes. If your DNA signature isn't in the Atlas database, you're dead.

It then shows a Manticore sample with an Atlas soldier on the left and a Sentinel soldier on the right. It shows that the Atlas soldier's DNA is in the database while the Sentinel's isn't, thus showing the Atlas soldier with a status of immune while the Sentinel is dead.

Cormack: So he could drop this in the middle of a battle. His troops live - ours die.

Knox: That's right - contact with even a single spore is fatal. Chem suits are useless.

The camera then looks down from the screen to Knox and Cormack as Mitchell slowly walks in.

Cormack: Is it operational?

Knox: Unknown - but because he produced this sample, he could already be manufacturing at an industrial scale.

Cormack: If he is, we need to know the where and the how - it's the only way we bring Irons down.

Knox then puts up a map of the world with Atlas factories labeled.

Knox: Problem is, Atlas has dozens of site capable of mass production. By the the time we put the pieces together...

Knox is then cut off by Mitchell.

Mitchell: Gideon has the location.

Cormack then turns around towards Mitchell.

Cormack: Are you sure he can be trusted?

Mitchell: This mission doesn't happen without him. What other choice do we have?

Cormack then looks back at the map as the scene changes to Gideon' and Mitchell's VTOL flying over a Bulgarian forest.

Gideon: The target is a former lumber factory in Bulgaria.

The scene then goes into the VTOL.

Gideon: We'll converge on the rendezvous point and link up with Cormack and his team.

Pilot: Three minutes to target.

Gideon: You were right about Irons. Just took me a while to figure it out.

Mitchell: Better late then never right? If it weren't for you we'd still be stumbling around in the dark.

Gideon: Just like old times, huh?

Mitchell nods as they get ready. Suddenly, an alarm goes off. Gideon gets up and holds onto a rail above him. An Atlas EMP hits their VTOL as they start to spin out of control.

Pilot: Kingpin, this is Viper five-three, we're hit! Atlas EMP!

Gideon: Fuck! Exo's failing!

Pilot: We've been hit! Cannot hold! Prepare for impact!

Gideon: C'mon! Jump!

Mitchell and Gideon then jump out of the VTOL just before it crashes. The screen then turns black.

Gameplay Edit



APRIL 4, 2060 - 0300 HRS




Sniper shots can be heard as the screen then goes to Mitchell and Gideon running on foot.

Gideon: They're on us! Leg it!

Mitchell and Gideon continues running on foot and get to the hut.

Gideon: Don't let that sniper dial us in!

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