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For a cut perk, see Blackbox.
Black Box
Bare Load Screen Black Box MW3
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
Delta Force vs. Inner Circle
California, United States
All, Survival
Campaign Map
Elements from "Turbulence"

Black Box is a multiplayer map featured in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. The map is described as a battle around a downed Air Force One, the U.S. President's plane, with multi-level homes surrounding the crash site. Close range and sniping are recommended by the Call of Duty Elite description.

Black Box was included in Content Pack 3, which was released on March 13 for ELITE Xbox players and was also released, along with the previous ELITE Content Drops, March 20 for non-ELITE Xbox players. It was made available for ELITE PS3 members on April 12. Black Box, and the rest of Collection 1, was released for PC on May 8th, 2012.

Survival ModeEdit

The starting loadout for Black Box is the same as the starting loadout for Overwatch, which is a Model 1887, Five Seven, Extreme Conditioning, 250 Body Armor and Self Revive.

As with other maps, certain areas of Black Box have been blocked off, preventing players from getting into certain camping locations.



  • Black Box was the first map in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 to portray Delta Force facing the Inner Circle. The only other map to feature this is Oasis.
  • The Content Collection 1 trailer shows Black Box's location as Los Angeles, California.
  • There is a Teddy Bear riding an inflatable ring in the pool in Black Box. In addition, it is wearing a Boonie hat similar to the one Captain Price wears.
  • There is a picture in one of the houses in Black Box. Some of which show some real life people, who are developers at Raven Software worked on the content packs. One person in the picture is wearing a Raven Software Shirt.
  • Strangely, inside Air Force One, many of the signs are in Russian. This is likely the developers saving time and resources by reusing textures from the Russian President's plane in "Turbulence".
  • Another strange fact is that nothing at all is mentioned about California in the storyline, especially something notable like Air Force One crashing.
  • Black Box's name is a reference to the black box in airplanes, a recording device that record what happens inside the cockpit, which is often searched for in a crashed plane to discover how it crashed.
  • The boxes found close to the plane have the number 2009 on them, which is the same numbers on the boxes in the Modern Warfare 2 map Terminal, and the same year Modern Warfare 2 was released
  • There is scaffolding on the half constructed house, that the player can strafe jump onto. 

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