The Black Market is a feature in Call of Duty: Black Ops III in multiplayer. The Black Market is where the player can exchange Cryptokeys for Supply Drops. It can be accessed through the Public Match Multiplayer menu. The player will be greeted by Danny "Blackjack" Li, a member of the 54 Immortals who has a stock of Common Supply Drops for 10 Cryptokeys and Rare Supply Drops for 30. The player is able to trade in items they have a copy already of for extra Cryptokeys.

Overview Edit

The Black Market functions to turn Cryptokeys earned through playing Multiplayer into cosmetic items for Specialists, weapons, paintshop/emblem creation, and more. These items are earned in supply drops, a collection of three random items of varying rarities. Two different forms of supply drops are present in the Black Market.

Common Supply Drops Edit

Common Supply Drops cost 10 cryptokeys and give the player three random items of any rarity. No guarantees are present, and there is an unlikely chance for Rare or better gear.

Rare Supply Drops Edit

Rare Supply Drops cost 30 cryptokeys or 200 CODPoints, and give the player three items, one of which is always Rare or better. There is also always either a weapon camo or Specialist gesture. Legendary and Epic rarity gear is also more likely to be rewarded from these as well. Finally, all Rare Supply Drops have a Cryptokey Bonus which functions to reimburse the investment, with anywhere between 2 or 30 (a free crate) possible.

Duplicate Burning Edit

The Black Market can also turn duplicates of any earned item into Cryptokeys. The amount of Cryptokeys earned from doing this depends on the rarity of the burned item: 1 key for Common items, 3 keys for Rare items, 7 keys for Legendary items and 10 keys for Epic items.

Bribes Edit

Bribe Supply Drops cost 60 cryptokeys or 300 CODPoints, and are essentially the same as Rare Supply Drops, except they have a guaranteed item of a specific category. Bribes are not always available, and are only added for a limited time. So far, three types of Bribes have been introduced: Specialist Bribe, which grants one Specialist Theme item (either head or body); Taunts and Gestures Bribe, which grants either a Taunt or Gesture of any Specialist, and Weapon Bribe, which gives the player a guarented melee or ranged weapon only available in Supply Drops. Unlike other Supply Drops, Weapon Bribes, so far, cannot be purchased with either Cryptokeys or CODPoints. At the time of May 6, 2016, there are two ways to earn a Weapon Bribe: by owning the Season Pass, or completing the Total Victory Special Contract. A new bribe was added for a limited time, but it was the same as a common supply drop, instead of rare. This bribe could be earned for 25 Cryptokeys or 100 CODPoints and gave the player a guaranted Calling Card from one of the Black Market's collector's sets.

Contracts Edit

Contracts allow players to complete specific tasks, which will bring Black Market items as rewards. The Contracts menu has 4 sections: Daily Contract, Weekly Contract, Special Contract and Mercenary Contract.

Daily Contracts reset every day at 10AM PT, and reward 10 Cryptokeys upon completion. Weekly Contracts reset every Monday at 10AM PT, and consist of two separate contracts, which reward 30 Cryptokeys and a Mercenary Contract upon completion of both. Mercenary Contracts allow usage of Blackjack himself as a Specialist in-game, with each contract worth 60 minutes of game time. These can be stacked over time, allowing for longer game time.

Special Contract, as of now, includes a few contracts. Each contract will have to be activated before progress will start to track and only one can be active at once. If a player activates a contract while another is active, the original contract will reset its progress.

The first contract  is called "Total Victory", which rewards players with a bundle of 10 Rare Supply Drops, as well as a Weapon Bribe, upon completion. To complete this contract players will need to win 75 games. 

The second contract is the "Mercenary Contract". With this players can purchase a Blackjack token for 90 cryptokeys which grants one hour of gametime with Blackjack as a Specialist.

The third contract is the "Calling Card Contract", which has 6 sub-contracts. Each of these 6 contracts will reward a calling card and once all 6 are obtained, a seventh, animated calling card is unlocked. All the calling cards are 8-bit versions of Specialists.

The fourth and final contract is the "Tools of the Trade" Contract. To complete this, players will need to get 200 kills with Specialists weapons. Upon completion the player will receive the "Underworld" camo which can be found under the "Extra's" tab.

None of the above Special Contracts have a time limit. Sometimes Treyarch releases Limited Special Contracts. These will only be available for a limited amount of time before they disappear. Players will have to activate the contracts within the time limit given. However, once activated, there is unlimited time to complete the Limited Special Contract.

Quotes Edit

Quote When said
"Let me break this down. Keys can be exchanged for goods and services: no crypto, no nothing." After entering the Black Market without enough Cryptokeys to purchase a Supply Drop
"You know how stores work, right?"
"Ugh, stop wasting my time."
"What? You looking for a handout?"
"Come back when you got a way to pay! Ain't nothing free here."
"Yo! This ain't a gallery. More buy, less browse."
"Now, I know you're not coming in here empty handed."
"I ain't buying, you ain't buying, so why you wasting my time?"
"I can tell by the look on your face that you ain't buying."
"Got out of the loan game years ago. No credit."
"Yeah, what? You see how busy I am?" After entering the Black Market with sufficient Cryptokeys to buy a Supply Drop
"No sudden movements! Security turret's been acting up all day."
"You're here to buy, I'm here to sell. Let's do business."
"Let's make this quick. You make most of my clientele nervous."
"You better be here to trade! Don't waste my time."
"You're back! Be still, my beating heart." *chuckles*
"Ugh. Just when I thought today couldn't get any worse."
"You're still alive? Pfft, you just cost me ten crypto."
"Back again? What you want?"
"You got currency? I'm listening."
"Here we go! All sales final." After buying a Supply Drop
"I got a good feeling about this."
"Never know what's in these things."
"Alright! Let's go."
"Superstitious? Do what you gotta do."
"Open it up."
"No refunds." After opening a Supply Drop with poor items
"I see lots of these."
"Better than average makes it better than you. Yeah, that's right, you heard."
"Cheap and half the price."
"We got any more business?"
"Cheap and nasty. Suits you."
"Huh? Forgot I had those."
"What? That wasn't supposed to happen." After opening a Supply Drop with high quality items
"Come on! You gotta be happy with that."
"Check it out, check it out!"
"Try not to look so surprised. Doesn't sell that badass image of yours."
"You wanna take care of that. Criminals and scumbags are everywhere, man."
"Nice... very nice... Got people lining up for a shot at that."
"I really gotta keep an inventory of these before I go giving them away."
"Don't sell too many of these... I'm closing shop early today."
"It's gonna be all eyes on you."
"De-duping the dupes." After burning duplicate items
"Done... and done."
"Smart, smart. Restrict supply."
"Aaand... they're gone."
"Step 1: check the screen. Step 2: go to work. Step 3: profit." When checking the Contracts menu with no Contracts complete
"Jobs I need doing are all on the screen."
"I got plenty of work for a self-starter like you. Good rewards too."
"Good, you're here. There is work to be done."
"There are all sorts of tasks I need doing. Take your pick, not your time."
"You wanna pick a Contract? Or are you just gonna stand around and drool?"
"My clients are getting impatient. When can I expect results?"
"Got tasks to suit all schedules. Check 'em out."
"I'm almost embarred asking you to take this on, but it beats doing it myself.  When checking the Contracts menu with only the Weekly Contract complete
"Still got something I need you to do today."
"Could use some muscle if you're looking to knot some heads together."
"That contract's got your name all over it."
"My clients need this dealt with, right away.  You available?"
"Got a contract if you're interested."
"This task shouldn't be a challenge for someone with your... capabilities."
"Clock’s ticking, that’s all I’m saying." When checking the Contracts menu with only the Daily Contract complete
"Rewards ain’t gone up since the last time you worked."

"Little stuff’s been handled. Still work outstanding though."

"Still got major contracts outstanding. No work, no pay. Get to it."

"You’re back, and those jobs aren’t done. What should I make of that?"

"Do I need to find someone else to take care of business?"

"Those contracts aren’t completing themselves you know."

"Better not tell me you can’t finish those jobs."

"Feeds are dark. Come back later." When checking the Contracts menu with all Contracts complete
"You cleaned out the job boards, I got nothing for you."
"Still hungry for more? I like that."
Things are slow right now, but that'll change."
"Don't work so hard, it makes the rest of us look bad."
"There's my worker bee."
"Heard you completed that contract. Nice!"
"You're taking them down faster than they come in."

Trivia Edit

  • Blackjack wields an RK5.