NRC Comms EarpieceEdit

NRC comms earpiece collectible BO3
"A wireless comms headset used in an NRC air traffic control facility at the Abu Simbel airport. The design is a fairly standard piece of equipment issued to CDP command and control forces globally, and a clear step up from equipment that the NRC had access to before aligning themselves with the CDP. Apart from some additional hardware used to provide end-to-end broadcast encryption, there's little to distinguish the military version of the headset from equipment designed for the civilian marketplace."
— Entry description

Dud RPGEdit

Dud RPG collectible BO3
"This High Explosive round was found in the grounds of Abu Simbel airport in Ethiopia. It's a common ordinance of the type found in the hands of CDP-aligned forces around the world, such as the NRC. Scorch marks on the side suggest a malfunction in the electronic starter system. Burns around the aero-cover on the warhead indicate that the companion, smaller decoy projectiles designed to confuse trophy systems and other active defense systems did fire correctly. It's surprising to find one in this condition - modern, mass produced munitions like this are known for their near 100% reliability rates."
— Entry description
"My scans show that that thing is still live. You're not going to keep it near your bunk, are you? Yes. Of course you are."
— Kane's analysis.

Egyptian Army CapEdit

Egyptian army hat collectible BO3
"This is a battered and worn Egyptian Army cap that once belonged to Lt. Zeyad Khalil, who you met while mounting the mission to rescue Minister Said from the hands of the NRC at Abu Simbel airport in Ethiopia. Its style is a little archaic to your eyes; it looks to be about 20 years out of date. Its threadbare condition suggests that it may well be a hand-me-down previously owned by numerous Egyptian soldiers. With their resources strained by climate change-driven overpopulation, and their ongoing war with the CDP-allied NRC over Nile water rights, the Egyptian army has understandably not made it a priority to update their uniforms, and has channeled the aid received from the Winslow Accord into supplies, weapons, and ammunition."
— Entry description

Replica Nano DroneEdit

Replica nano-drone collectible BO3
"A substantially scaled-up 3D printed replica of the nano-scale drone you found at Abu Simbel. It was recovered after the Winslow Accord cyber soldier Sebastian Diaz released a swarm of hundreds of them from compartments hidden in his cybernetic limbs, to deadly effect. Seen here at many thousands of times its normal size, its key systems are clearly visible; actuators for flight and maneuverability, and a high intensity infrared-emitting LED. The original would have been powered by a minute graphene-based super-capacitor allowing for only a very short operational lifespan, especially once its offensive weaponry was turned on. A single nano-drone would only be capable of dazzling an individual, but in a large swarm, their combined heat output would be enough to cause flammable materials to combust."
— Entry description

VTOL PanelEdit

VTOL panel collectible BO3
"This is a section of fuselage taken from the wreckage of a downed NRC transport VTOL. The NRC logo is clearly emblazoned on its outer skin. One edge shows clear signs of melting...once you reversed the friend/fore recognition lists on the Abu Simbel DEAD systems, those megawatt class energy beams took this VTOL apart like it wasn't even there."
— Entry description

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