Cutscene#1 Edit

Scenes of a VTOL flying overhead.

Scientist: Human bio-augmentation has become commonplace throughout the developed world.

Scenes of black clouds and a massive city in ruins.

News Reporter: The sheer scale of this disaster has overwhelmed the authorities.

Scene shows a town buried in snow.

News Reporter: Superstorms continue to hammer the region, hampering relief efforts.

President: These are uncertain times. Our future depends upon the choices we make. As populations continue to expand, Mega Cities emerge worldwide.

Scenes of a ruined building and a destroyed bridge.

News Reporter: The extreme conditions have led to a vast exodus of displaced residents. WA bases were on high alert this morning.

Scene shows a D.E.A.D system operational.

Scientist: Directed Energy Air Defense neutralized the attack almost immediately.

Scene shows G.I. robots and rioting.

News Reporter: Protesters and local forces clashed again today - resulting in yet more bloodshed.

President: Make no mistake - this is a new cold war. We may not always see our enemies, but they are out there.

Hendricks: My name is Jacob Hendricks. I'm your new CO.

The Call of Duty: Black Ops III logo is shown.

Hendricks: This is Egyptian Minister Said - taken hostage by NRC forces two days ago. After the uprisings in Cairo, they may want to make an example of him. Punish him. We're not going to let that happen. Just so we're clear - If this goes wrong? You never existed.

Gameplay Edit

Encryption Enabled. Protocol: Oscar

Winslow Accord Black Ops team approved for mission.

Mission: Retrieve Egyptian prime minister held in Ethiopia.

Team: Classified.

Date: 21:00Hrs Oct 27th, 2065

Hendricks: The NRC are gonna be here soon. We got about one minute to create the mother of all distractions.

Scene starts out black, then fades into a burning truck shown on a TV monitor as the Player takes control. He/She, Hendricks and Alpha Team are disguised as NRC soldiers in a airport control tower in Ethiopia. Hendricks has a mouthpiece and is pacing around in front of the Player.

Emergency Responder: Tower, I need all air traffic diverted from runway one-nine.

Hendricks: Copy that. Diverting traffic to runway one-one. Cargo four-zero-one-niner we have a fuel fire on runway one-nine. Divert course for landing to runway one-one. Please confirm.

There is a sudden banging on the tower entrance.

NRC Guard: Hey! Why is this door locked?

NRC Pilot: Confirmed. On final for runway one-one.

The Player briefly looks at the two NRC guards knocked unconscious. He/She looks back at the monitor.

Hendricks: (Covers mouthpiece, to Player) Alright, you're up.

Player: OK. Hacking module in place. Recalibrating D.E.A.D. system targeting.

NRC Guard: (bangs on door) Rashid! Amir! What's going on in there? Open the door!

The Player opens up a hacking module on his/her monitor.

Hendricks: We got company.

The Player cocks an MR6. His/Her monitor shows the D.E.A.D. system coming online.

Computer System: D.E.A.D - Manual Override. Please select target.

Hendricks give the Player the thumbs up. The Player presses down on his/her screen, reading "Target Locked" on the NRC cargo plane. The larger screen Hendricks is looking at shows the plane coming into land.

Computer System: Input confirmed. Targeting parameters accepted.

NRC Pilot: Tower, we're showing us as target locked. This is an NRC friendly coming in.

Hendricks: All is good down here... Possible malfunction at your end? (Covers mouthpiece, to Player) Fire! Now!

Player: Firing.

The Player presses "Fire." An alarm sounds.

Computer System: D.E.A.D system engaging target. Firing.

The large monitor shows the D.E.A.D system firing at the plane and destroying it.

NRC Pilot: Abort landing! Pull up!

NRC Guard: Open this door!

Hendricks: Oh, shit! GET DOWN!

Parts of the plane crash into the building, leaving a hole in the wall, and all the screens showing "IMPACT".

Hendricks: Let's get this done!

The Player (if starting campaign first time) takes out a Kuda submachine-gun w/ Red Dot Sight and as Hendricks opens the door, they eliminate the shellshocked NRC guards outside and move forward.

Hendricks: Taylor. Diversion is in play. Bird is down.

The team heads downstairs. A VTOL can be seen flying past. The Player must crouch under some wreckage to go on.

Taylor: Confirmed. Sentries are leaving their post to respond to the crash. Proceed to the package. Make the grab before it breaks... or gets broken.

Hendricks: We're on it. See you at the RP.

Taylor: Roger that.

The team heads downstairs to the exit.

Hendricks: While they're busy dealing with the crash, these uniforms should allow us to slip by unnoticed.

Player: So long as we don't have to talk to anyone.

Hendricks: So keep your mouth shut. Security station's across the way in the tunnels. Once there, we'll be able to pinpoint the Minister's exact location. Heads and weapons down. Keep it cool 'til we make the grab.

Player: I'll follow your lead.

NRC Guard: Hurry! Come quickly! We need to get these people out of here!

The pair head out the exit. Hendricks is nearly run over by a truck. Fires and chaos reigns. Two soldier can be seen screaming as they burn.

Hendricks: Just keep your head down.

The Player and Hendricks sprint across to an enemy checkpoint. Unseen, Hendricks takes out a knife and stealthily silences the hostile there. The two proceed along an access tunnel and over a walk way to the security station.

Hendricks: Taylor, we're at the security station. Moving to secure.

Taylor: I hear ya, Hendricks.

Hendricks: Let's do this.

They stack up.

Player: Ready when you are.

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