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Black Sky
Black Sky achievement image IW
Previous level Rising Threat
Next level Operation Port Armor
Game Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare
Character Nick Reyes
Team Special Combat Air Recon
Place Geneva, Switzerland, Earth
Date May 7th
Objective Parade
Board the transport headed for the UNSA dedication ceremony.
Under Attack
Fight your way to AATIS Control Tower and stop the SDF attack.
Take the hill and repel the SDF forces.
Breach the control room and stop the attack.
Take to the Sky
Board your Jackal.
Assist the UNSA fleet and repel the SDF attack.
Eliminate the SDF squadron.
Destroy the SDF Destroyer.
Return to the Retribution.
Engage the enemy supercarrier Olympus Mons.
Enemies Settlement Defense Front
Multiplayer map Elements of Throwback and Retaliation
"Defend Geneva from the invading SDF forces."
— In-game description
"Lt. Reyes and Lt. Salter successfully retook AATIS control tower from the SetDef operative, Riah. They then engaged the retreating SDF fleet in orbit. The enemy flagship, Olympus Mons, helmed by Admiral Salen Kotch, was repelled through the actions of Captain Alder, commander of the UNSA Retribution, at a great cost of the ship's crew."
— AA-Report

"Black Sky" is the second campaign level in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.

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Trivia Edit

  • In the computer in Reyes' office where the mission's AA-Report can be found, the name of the mission is referred to as "Operation Black Sky".
  • As seen in the reveal trailer, the mission was originally suppose to be set earlier in the day.

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