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Cod4topright CoDO Icon
Bare Load Screen Bloc CoD4
Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
Call of Duty: Online
SAS vs. Spetsnaz
Pripyat, Ukraine
Snowy courtyard with two opposite apartment buildings with expansive interiors
Type of Combat
Medium to long range fighting with occasional close-quarters combat
Console Codename (PC)
mp_bloc (CoD4)
Campaign Map
"One Shot, One Kill"
Map Bloc CoD4

Bloc is a large multiplayer map in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and Call of Duty: Online. Based on the Soviet-style apartment buildings and both the map's visual resemblance to the campaign level "One Shot, One Kill", and the reuse of the level's swimming pool, it is strongly implied the location is Pripyat, Ukraine.

Overview Edit

Bloc features the SAS fighting Spetsnaz (Ultranationalist character models). It primarily consists of two large Soviet-style apartment buildings and the courtyard in between, as well as the inaccessible high-rise flats surrounding these two. Fighting on this map is usually centered around long-range/sniper battles across the courtyard and CQC in the two long buildings. However, in most game modes the swimming pool is absent from battles as it is too far away from the action, which can be used for challenges, but in Headquarters it can be used to the teams advantage by holding off the entrances and holding the HQ.


Trivia Edit

  • The giant statue of a World War II-era Soviet soldier is holding a golden PPSh-41.
  • The player can see the Ferris Wheel from "One Shot, One Kill", but it is inaccessible.
  • Near the pool, being overlooked by the stairs to the more destroyed apartment there is a large rock with a knife embedded into it, an obvious nod to T.H. White's novel The Sword In The Stone.
  • There is a hidden room covered by vegetation on the outer-most part of a building. In that room, there is a wall which reads "Alexander Roycewicz 2007" on it.
  • The player can occasionally hear dogs barking, people speaking and people aggressively knocking on wood in the background.
  • On the more destroyed building, there is a teddy bear lying on the ground next to a baby crib.
  • It is possible to spawn on a burning metal barrel in the more destroyed building, otherwise it is inaccessible.
  • The placement of the B Domination flag is unique. It is found on top of the statue in the middle of the map.

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