• AcEKim115

    So I've seen a new quote template in zombies quotes. I would like to know how I edit those quotes...

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  • Kid With The Baseball Bat

    So after my "Top Five Best Call of Duty Zombies Maps", I wanted to create the antithesis of that blog post and create this one, the "Top Five Worst Call of Duty Zombies Maps". As a reminder, these are just my opinion and I'm not saying yours are wrong. So without further ado let's begin this Top Five.

    At number five we have "Five" (haha I did it Ultimate94ninja). Set in the Pentagon, "Five" has the players play as the likes of John F. Kennedy, Robert McNamara, Richard Nixon, and Fidel Castro. With these two things combined, it makes the map sound like a fun little lampoon of the game mode, but instead, we get one of the most annoying zombies map in existence. Each area is just a recycled location from the Campaign (much like Nacht der Untote…

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  • Kid With The Baseball Bat

    Today I wanted to discuss the four upgraded Wrath of the Ancients variants in Der Eisendrache from least to greatest. I know this is long overdue, but I doubt being timely matters on this wiki. Please bear in mind too that these are just my opinions, so if your's differ from mine that's fine, I'm not telling you you're wrong, we all have different opinions. So without further ado let's begin.

    In my opinion, the Fire Bow is the weakest of the four. Now don't get me wrong I still like this bow and think it's very powerful. It's a great Wonder Weapon that does its job, but like I said it's much weaker compared to the other bows available. To give you an understanding why I feel this way about the Fire Bow, let's discuss its capabilities. A stan…

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  • Kid With The Baseball Bat

    I'm sure by now most users on this wiki have already created their own blog posts discussing their five favorite zombie maps, but after a huge resurgence of interest for Call of Duty Zombies, I got inspired to make a blog discussing my five favorite zombie maps. So before I begin I wanted to let everyone know that honorable mentions will come last, also I won't be covering easter eggs quests (except for songs), as in the words of Jr rizzo "they don't make or break a map for me". And these are all Treyarch maps. So without further ado let's begin.

    To start off our list we have Shi No Numa, the best and only (unfortunately) World at War map on this list. What I enjoy most about this map is the layout. The map consists of a large hut with four out…

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  • Nanomat

    Now I want to speak about the plot and ending of Black Ops III. Before we start I have to warn you that I actually haven't played the game myself but I became interested in it and read the story and watched playthroughs and various explanations oh and also be warned that there will be SPOILERS in this blog.

    So basically the "canon" is that the Player's consciousness is deleted and Taylor regains his body, fair enough. When "Taylor's body" is asked "what's your name soldier" the supposedly Taylor answers "Taylor" so it's safe to assume that Taylor's consciousness regained control of his body (yeah, that sounds confusing) right? But there is a slight problem...why the hell Taylor's body with Taylor's consciousness answers in the voice of the …

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  • Capt. Miller

    The reveal trailer for Zombies mode in Call of Duty: WWII has been released. Here's the videos description:

    Aditionally, the Comic-Con panel revealed further details about the mode. Credit to Charlie Intel for summing up everything:

    • Official name of map not being announced today.
    • Perks and Mystery Box will return.
    • WWII Zombies is not connected to any other Call of Duty Zombies game.
    • “Hardest easter egg hunt you’ve ever been on.” Marie and Klaus’s father was toy-maker. Lots of traps and more.
    • The back story for the mode is based on a real story of finding stolen art during World War II. Men and women risked their lives to save works of art.
    • Marie Fisher became a spy for the US. Ended up having to look for her brother Klaus. Their father was a weapon…

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  • Capt. Miller

    Recently, news relating to the Zombies mode in Call of Duty: WWII has been steadily released, and with the onwiki reporting on here inactive for the past month, here's a recap of everything that's happened so far.

    Zombies will be revealed in its entirety on July 20 at Comic-Con. Here's the official description of the panel:

    Over the past month, SHG have teased the new mode through various bits and pieces, starting with a teaser released by Glen Schofield on Twitter.

    SHG then sent a package and code to YouTuber MrRoflWaffles that revealed further zombies info on the WWII Classified site, which can be found here. Furthermore, you can see his video about the package here.

    Later, SHG posted a teaser image depicting what appears to be face in metal c…

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  • ScarletTwig

    The "Father" of the zombie apocalypse movie genre, big bad in Call of the Dead and master film maker has passed away at age 77 due to lung cancer.
    We at the Call of Duty Wiki and the fans of the zombie genre in general send our grandest condolences to the family of Romero and all others affected by his tragic passing.

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  • Yui Nicks

    Can you help me about modern warfare 3 cheats like noclip,inf health,inf ammo,friendlyfire,give all because its my first time playing modern warfare 3 PC.        P.S  I need it on Singleplayer 

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  • Zombiehunter115

    Hey, so as a few of you know I'm on the NZP wiki.  I'm also an admin over there along side Roach.  I need help with something.  I'm trying to figure out how to change our wiki's main chat into a Discord.  Like what we have on here.  I have a server, but I don't know how to make a link that goes to the server that replaces the old chat.  Can someone help me?

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