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  • Kid With The Baseball Bat

    Today's PlayStation Paris Games Week stream has revealed the identity of the first DLC map pack for Call of Duty: WWII, titled The Resistance. It includes three brand new multiplayer maps, a brand new War Mode map, and a brand new Nazi Zombies map. It will launch on January 30th, 2018, first on the PlayStation 4.

    This is the first time since Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare that a DLC map pack was announced prior to the release of the official game itself. What do you think of The Resistance? Are you excited or could you care less? Let us know in the comment section below.

    PlayStation Paris Games Week
    Charlie Intel

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  • Kid With The Baseball Bat

    Today Charlie Intel and LuckerBrah! have revealed that there is a total of nine (ten via Season Pass) multiplayer and three War Mode maps included in Call of Duty: WWII. This is significantly shorter than other titles in the series. The beta files have stated that there would be more than nine standard maps, but according to the article, they are nowhere to be found in-game right now.

    What do you think of this shorter list of maps? Does it make you angry or do you not care? Let us know in the comment section below.

    Charlie Intel
    LuckerBrah!'s link was not included, just a thank you for his assistance.

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  • Kid With The Baseball Bat

    Players who have managed to obtain Call of Duty: WWII early have met a roadblock. Every copy requires a day one patch to grant players access to the game. This is very likely an effort made by Sledgehammer Games to combat early streaming of Call of Duty: WWII.

    What do you think of this new tactic made by the developers? Tell us in the comment section below.

    Charlie Intel

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  • ToonToons22

    The details of a patent filed by Activision in 2015, recently revealed in Rolling Stone magazine, show the methods behind Activision's reliance on microtransactions.

    U.S. Patent 9,789,406 was filed May 14th, 2015 and is described as "System and method for driving microtransactions in multiplayer video games ". It has the following points:

    • "For example, in one implementation, the system may include a microtransaction engine that arranges matches to influence game-related purchases. For instance, the microtransaction engine may match a more expert/marquee player with a junior player to encourage the junior player to make game-related purchases of items possessed/used by the marquee player. A junior player may wish to emulate the marquee player by obtaining weapons or other items used by the m…
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  • Ultimate94ninja

    The live-action trailer for Call of Duty: WWII called "Reassemble!" has been released.

    As you can see, it focuses on a group of friends gathering the team for an epic battle. Unlike previous Call of Duty live-action trailers, it doesn't feature visual references to the game itself (with celebrities, etc.), nor the usual "There's A Soldier In All Of Us" slogan.

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  • Ultimate94ninja

    Been a long time that Wiki news haven't been done, so here we go.

    • Various fronts to be featured in Call of Duty: WWII's multiplayer
    • Multiple new weapons recently seen in the game code of Infinite Warfare
    • 5 days until the Zombies Chronicles DLC for Black Ops III gets released on Xbox One and PC.
    • (EDIT - updated on June 13th) Multiplayer trailer for Call of Duty: WWII released


    • For new user experience, should get rid of warning templates and enable wiki achievements?
    • What to do with the overused game icons at the top
    • Updating the wiki theme for CoD WWII


    • Featured Article - vodka lover Nikolai and famous (or infamous?) Dragunov sniper rifle are candidates
    • Call of Duty Wiki:Articles for Deletion - Some articles suggested to be merged

    • R.I.P. Batman actor Adam West, who passed away yesterday
    • Black Pant…

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  • Conqueror of all Zombies

    The upcoming CoD game, Call of Duty: WWII, will have a very American centric story that focuses on the post D-Day operations of the 1st Infantry Division. This has drawn some criticism, especially from within our own community. However, it has been revealed that the game's multiplayer will "expand to different fronts" along side maps based off of campaign levels. This shifts the focus away from the Americans and to the world on a larger scale for the multiplayer, likely due to the limited number of unlocks there would be otherwise.

    More information on the game and the multiplayer can be expected at E3, which runs from the 13th to the 15th of this month.

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  • Conqueror of all Zombies

    The co-presidents of Activision Blizzard Studios, Stacey Sher and Nick van Dyk, recently said in an interview that they think Call of Duty could be the next MCU.

    Before you roll your eyes as you recall the lack of quality storytelling or writing in most of the games and the poor quality of pretty much all video game to movie adaptations, Stacey Sher did state that they're looking at what made the MCU work so well for general audiences. This means that they are focusing on likable characters that the audience can connect to and getting "real filmmakers" on board with the projects. If everything goes smoothly, we can expect a Call of Duty Movie as early as next year.

    For those who don't know, Activision Blizzard Studios a department of Activision Blizzard designed to turn games "into commerci…

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  • Crazy sam10

    In a recent leaked transcript of a Activision meeting it has been confirmed Activision plan on only releasing games with cliffhangers.

    This idea apparently first came to mind after Infinity Ward elected to make a new game rather than continue with Ghosts. It also supports the possibility of CoD:WW2 being released this year so that Advanced Warfare has ended on a cliffhanger. The reasoning behind this is so that CoD can have multiple stories ont he go, so that if one gets boring the company can pick up off of a different one that hasn't been used in a while which will have likely gathered support and hype for it to be successful and most desired at the time.

    Further discussion goes on to discuss the future of supply drops, and some have suggested adding DLC in to the supply drops to make the…

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  • Conqueror of all Zombies

    Despite the fact that Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare was the best selling game of last year, Activision has laid off 5 percent of its workforce. This, in part, was due to the fact that Infinite Warfare underperformed the expectations the company had for it. Infinity Ward itself lost 20 employees, which is about 16% of their workforce.

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  • Mar-Astagua

    Hello Call of Duty Wiki! It is I, CaptainReyes. January 31st marks the release of Infinite Warfare's first DLC pack, "Sabotage". It features 3 brand new maps, a re-imagining of a classic map, and a brands new Zombies experience.

    Regardless of the negative opinions of Infinite Warfare, the Infinity Ward team seem hard at work right creating brand new content and adding/fixing stuff in the game.

    • Rave in the Redwoods - A1990s-slasher horror movie set in an old lakeside camp that’s been taken over for a weekend rave party. After finding a piece of the soul key, our heroes find themselves decked out in some tight, fly ‘90s attire and trapped in Willard Wyler’s biggest horror film of his career along with some special guests.
    • Dominion – A re-imagining of the classic Afghan map from Modern Warfare 2…

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  • Conqueror of all Zombies

    Console players can play Infinite Warfaree for free this weekend. All three modes will be available to players, but you will only be able to play the first two campaign missions and the player's level will be capped at 15 in multiplayer and 3 in zombies.

    Are you going to give Infinite Warfare a chance now that it's free? Are you just going to skip it? Do you already own it? Tell us in the comments below!

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  • Conqueror of all Zombies

    Due to technical difficulties, Miller can’t do the weekly news recap. So he asked me to do it instead! Here's a brief recap on what's happened with the Call of Duty series lately, plus some stuff ongoing stuff here on the wiki.

    • Call of Duty 2 was made available for backwards compatability! Which means that all of you pining for a WWII game can hop into one you’ve likely never played. I kind of wish they would’ve remade this instead of ‘’Modern Warfare’’.

    • Infinite Warfare narrative director and former Naughty Dog employee Taylor Kurosaki said that he believes that Infinite Warfare could be Call of Duty's next sub-series.

    • A sneak peek of the new (and supposedly last) zombies map, Revelations, was released.
      • This was followed shortly after with the map’s prologue. The map appears to include elements…

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  • Super Gamer Ghost

    Yesterday at "SDCC" Infinity Ward unveiled gameplay of the mission "Black Sky" for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. The footage shows Lt. Reyes and his squad fighting off "SetDef" forces in Geneva, which later change to space combat, and then finally ends with the reveal of the Terminal pre-order bonus map.

    Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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  • FromDvToZombies

    Hello, and how's it going? As you probably heard by the title, (and no - this is not a dream, although it might seem like one), Call of Duty, will have it's own Comic Book, centered around Zombies. We got a lot of details to discuss, so sit back, relax, and get overhyped, because these news are beyond anything we could have ever imagined, for the future of our beloved Zombies story-line.

    First thing's first. When will the Comic Book release? Well, it will be released after Jason Blundell himself, attends Comic Con, this year, as he signs autographs and discuss Zombies. It is set to hit Comic stands at the 19th of October, 2016, to be exact.

    Furthermore, the Comic will be in 6 parts, at least that is the current plan. And it will feature the Tranzit Crew, in a search for the Kronorium, guide…

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  • Guygombaa

    A trailer dropped for the new BO3 DLC, Descent. Specifically, the new zombies map, which is called Gorod Krovi.

    It's set in Stalingrad. Is good, comrades.

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  • Metlman13

    At Sony's E3 2016 conference held on June 13th, 2016, a new gameplay demo of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare was shown off, previewing space combat and what looks to be a non-linear campaign mode.

    What are your thoughts?

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  • FromDvToZombies

    Hello everyone. This will be a blog post coverage of the new Richtofen memory trailer Treyarch just released.

    To start off, we will have to watch this amazingly story-line packed video, in order to break it down:

    So, let's break it down. First I'm going to write down everything Richtofen says, and then, I will explain some of the hidden meanings behind this trailer.

    "My name is Edward Richtofen, und I have been trying SO very hard, to do the right thing."

    "Long ago, I made a promise... a vow... to protect him."

    "In order to keep my word, I have done bad things, VERY bad things..."

    "I do not regret the pain that I have caused, because none of it really matters."

    "This moment. This... me."

    "All of it... will soon be gone."

    "I have lied. I've cheated. I have deceived."

    "All for a purpose, you could ne…

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  • FromDvToZombies

    Hello everyone, this is my first blog post ever made on any WIKI actually, however, I will cut right to the chase...

    So, "Xbox On" dropped a video the 12th of May, where he interviewed Jason Blundell. In this interview they talk about different things, such as what to expect in Zetsubou no Shima and what we can expect to see in the future. However, there where a few things that excites me a whole lot, and these things are:

    - Jason Blundell talks about how the entire story-line, leading up from Nacht, all the way up to the 4th DLC map (whose name didn't get mentioned, obviously), will be explained in such a way, that it will put braces on a lot of the things that the community has been wondering about since the early days of World at War, and its zombies maps all the way up to the 4th DLC ma…

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  • DBD Abyss

    News has been slowly gaining momentum the past day regarding the next call of duty and the Modern Warfare remastering said to be released with it. Earlier today the trilogy was spotted on an amazon website Check that out here Today the official call of duty Tiwtter replied to a tweet from 2014 (almost 2 years ago) with emojis in well what will probably the first confirmation of a remastering in the works

    Find the link to the original tweet below.

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  • Crazy sam10

    Call of Duty: Black Ops III has recently leaked an upcoming update; gun related camos. It has been revealed that users will be able to unlock a 3rd prestige for their gun unlocking a gun related camo for their other guns. As of right now it's still in beta, and Gunsmith is not capable of showing the change as it lacks a current model, however there have been rumours that it will change the gun to the same model as the gun in question, and others suggest it will simply add well known parts from the gun in question.

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  • Didikins

    So I was playing Advanced Warfare last night, and it took me a bit of time to realize that Double XP is in effect for the Easter weekend! If you bother enough to go back to Advanced Warfare, you'll be warmly welcomed with more XP to help you level up even more.

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  • Crazy sam10

    Nuketown has been one been one of the most well-known maps of the Black Ops series, since its introduction in Call of Duty: Black Ops. Now Treyarch is releasing the map and related personalisation pack for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC for free if you hadn't already got them from pre-ordering the game starting today. This is a welcome change back to the norm after Sledgehammer games charged players to get Atlas Gorge if they hadn't pre-ordered or owned the Season Pass. Treyarch will also be adding a Nuk3town 24/7 sometime next week, while it is not stated it may also come with some form of double XP. There was no mention of the last-gen consoles so it may not be coming out for those, however this could change in time.

    Reference: Activison blog

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  • Deathmanstratos

    Black Ops III is out and this news blog was totally planned. This will probably be a one time thing

    • Black Ops III is out, so yeah.
    • There were a bunch of trailers leading up to Black Ops III, such as the Live Action trailer and Nuk3town trailer.

    • Stuff happened, but I haven't been here in quite a bit so I'm not sure exactly what.

    • We need a Black Ops III theme. Pitch in your idea/design.
    • Do we need new trivia policies?
    • Wikia is bringing a new template classification system.
    • Should we allow certain fan content?
    • How do we handle 'dem vandals?

    • 7/10 - Gamespot
    • 3/5 - Giant Bomb
    • 7/10 - Polygon
    • 9.5/10 - EGM
    • 8.5/10 - Destructoid
    • 4/5 - Gamesradar

    • Fallout 4 days left
    • Read My Hero Academia pls
    • Ochako Uraraka is sunshine
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  • Soap Shadow

    • Hardee's and Carl's Jr. is having a promotion for Black Ops III. The code can be used for either the, Take Out Pack (including Take Out Camouflage), or a chance to win a VIP trip to Treyarch. The PS3 size of the game will be 17GB.
    • Black Ops III Launch Trailer was released.
    • Black Ops III will have re-imagined maps from World at War, Black Ops, and Black Ops II. There will also be no Season Pass for Last-Gen.
    • #BO3 Fridays - Juggernog Edition Unboxing and The Giant Zombies Bonus Map Gameplay Trailer.

    • User of the Month nominations have ended. The users nominated are:
      • RoachTheIntelCollector as a new nomination.
      • TimelessPeople for re-nomination.
    Feel free to add your vote, as voting ends in a week!
    • Forums
      • Active
        • Regarding vandals
        • Regarding BO2 choices
        • Game Template Changes: Removing Zombies & Extinction fr…

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  • Zombiehunter115

    The newest of the news.

    • Gun Game will return in BOIII.
    • Many more things on BOIII seen here.
    • Free Run will be a new mode, as well as Treyarch announcing their loyalty program. Plus Tactical abilities in BOIII.

    • Polls, polls, polls, and even more polls!
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  • Soap Shadow

    Time to get back to what I signed up for.

    • Treyarch announced that there will be new Black Ops III news every Friday - #BO3FRIDAYS
    • 3 new videos were released for Black Ops III this week, one of which is part of Black Ops Fridays.

    • It is FireBird-'s Birthday Today! Happy Birthday Birdie!
    • It was also MLG's birthday on the 10th. Happy Birthday!
    • Following the events of Wikia being hacked, chat is still down. The reason for chat being down, is that this was one of the wiki, which got deleted during the attack. So Wikia had to do a mass rollback to restore the wiki, and as a result, chat is inaccessible. We'll keep you up to date, when Wikia release more info.
    • Currently, we have 3 active forums:
      • Forum:Regarding vandals
      • Forum:Opinion Blogs - Time to go?
      • Forum:Game Template Changes: Removing Zombies & Extin…

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  • Zombiehunter115

    Ummmm..... Yeah. Here's the news. Let me know if I missed something, because there's not much

    • The story trailer was released for BOIII.
    • The AK-47, M16, and CEL-3 Cauterizer are now on AW for PS4.
    • The achievements and trophies for BOIII wear leaked earlier this week.

    • Polls, polls, and even more polls!!! Be sure to vote by the end of the week!.

    Another birthday in my family? Wow.

    Hopefully I did that gif correctly. I'm tired of not saving gifs correctly.

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  • Zombiehunter115

    No one was making a news article, so I thought I'd do it.

    • The MP40 and M1911 will be available on AW on the 29th first for the Xbone.
    • Treyarch releases the timeline for the BO saga.
    • BOIII will NOT support story for last-gen. Just multi and zambies.

    • It may be a week old, but Risingsun's polls (I think) should have a mention.

    • My mom's birthday is tomorrow!!!
    • Thanks to Argo, username, CoaZ, and Ultimate94ninja for helping me with my first news blog.

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  • Damac1214

    Treyarch have released a video that covers the entire Black Ops series timeline, from the very end of Call of Duty: World at War to the very end of Call of Duty: Black Ops II, obviously to hype the upcoming Call of Duty: Black Ops III and give fans a refresher on the series chronology.

    The video, which clocks in at around 10 minutes long, is very extensive and in depth. You may also find it interesting, if you like the story in Call of Duty games, that the video provides definitive answer for several of the multiple choice events of Black Ops II, including revealing the ultimate fate of Raul Menendez.

    Call of Duty: Black Ops III releases on November 6, 2015. Hopefully, it's campaign lives up to the extensive, and sometimes silly, stories of the past installments.

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  • This username better work

    Nuketown will be returning to the multiplayer scene in Black Ops III under the totally new name "Nuk3town". To get Nuk3town, simply pre-order the game (or go to the store real early and buy one of the first set of copies) on PS4, Xbox One, or PC; the code will be included with the case (no word on how it will be accessed if you ordered it digitally).

    "We carefully adapted the design of the map to make sure that it fit with our new movement system, but also make that we retained the spirit and the fun that made fans fall in love with it in the first place," said studio head Mark Lamia.

    As of now, Treyarch hasn't explained why the map won't be included on last-gen consoles or if players who haven't pre-ordered will be able to get their hands on the map by some other means.

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  • Deathmanstratos

    Hello and welcome to the blog about news of Call of Duty.

    • Nuketown is once again being remastered for Call of Duty: Black Ops III and is a Pre-order bonus.
    • The "Black Ops III beta was extended by one day for PC and Xbox One players.
    • A new patch was put out for Advanced Warfare.

    • Polls by RisingSun2013

    • Like the Zombies template? Don't like it? Input here
    • What do ya think of Tabs in infoboxes?
    • Do we need to update User Hilites?
    • Wikia Gaming and CoD Wiki: A Proposal
    • Should the World War I original crew have their own pages?

    • I started College today.

    Something something HIDEO KOJIMA

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  • DBD Abyss

    Hello comrades, DBD brings you the news It's totally not a day late.

    There's quite a bit if news actually:

    • The Black ops 3 beta came and went. We learned a lot about the game.
    • The trailer for the BOIII multiplayer beta was released
    • A tutorial for BOIII's new movement system (feat. Vahn and Lamia) was made, it shows lots of new gameplay and provides great info about the new movement for anyone going into the MP beta or to anyone who was curious about the new mechanics
    • Release date for AW's Reckoning DLC for PSN and PC
    • The "mute everyone you don't like so basically everything" button is back bonus beta information is also there

    • The BOIII giveaway is still going on, be sure to enter while you can
    • War Room is still alive(-ish), there's some active threads you can look into now
    • Sort of in the past now,…

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  • This username better work

    Hey everyone, It's me again. I never get to do these cause I always have work, but I won't let this one slip by.

    There's quite a bit if news actually:

    • The trailer for the BOIII multiplayer beta was released
    • Some changes to AW's supply drops were made (implying any of you still play AW that is)
    • A tutorial for BOIII's new movement system (feat. Vahn and Lamia) was made, it shows lots of new gameplay and provides great info about the new movement for anyone going into the MP beta or to anyone who was curious about the new mechanics
    • Release date for AW's Reckoning DLC for PSN and PC was revealed
    • The "mute all 12 year olds in the lobby" button is coming back (and some beta info you might want to see)

    Also the BOIII beta is just 3 days away!

    • The BOIII giveaway is still going on, be sure to enter while …

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  • AntiScootaTwo

    Its been 3,000 years since I made a news article. Hopefully I can remember how to do stuff.

    • Call of Duty: Black Ops III was shown at Gamescom in Cologne, Germany; a decent amount of new information was given.
      • Treyarch went into details on the competitive scene for CoD, showcasing a pick/ban system similar to what's used in other competitive games.
      • A few new weapons were shown, including a even more futuristic M8A1, a charge shot sniper rifle, and a submachine gun that sadly doesn't protect you from getting stabbed in the back.
      • Treyarch seems to be finally listening to the PC community. Features such as 4k support, split screen across multiple monitors, and text chat in lobbies seem to be an implication that Activision doesn't want the PC port to fail as badly as Ghosts and Advanced Warfare.

    • T…

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  • Inkie Twig

    Hey look. News.

    • DLC 4 for Advance Warfare gets a trailer and release date.
    • A new cosmetic set for Advance Warfare has been announced. In short. why

    • Sam has written an open letter to Sledgehammer, Treyarch and Infinity Ward. It's a good read, As are the comments.
    • War Room is stagnant as usual.

    • Professional Wrestler and Actor "Rowdy" Roddy Piper has passed away at age 61.
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  • Crazy sam10

    Welcome to another week of weekly news. That has about as much new content as a CoD game (and give it some time, will be released as frequently as them too).

    • Literally nothing. Yup, one full week of no new news. Unless something slipped by us. But aside from slippery news, no news. And no news is good news. And good news is better than slippery news.

    • Like the sun rising in the East, the polls rise on the Wiki, by the sun. However sadly, have no page 3
    • If anyone's Recent Changes borked and became ugly, there is a fix. And luckily it it's cheaper than plastic surgery*! *Offer only applies to countries with free health care.

    Some new activity has arisin in the WAr Room, these consist of:

    • Dealing with some hilite issues
    • Doing stuff to other Wikis
    • And the giveaway still needs more votes so we can get…

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  • Argorrath

    A little quiet on the CoD front. But that'll be seen later, first the weather.

    • New patches for all platforms
    • See what you missed at Comic Con
    • BO3 won't be supporting cross platform play.
    • BO3 will be in the Games Expo at Australia

    • Deciding how future implementation for emotes will be.
    • How will the WaW group be maintained (cos timetravels).
    • How the make the giveaway work for free BO3 Beta codes.
    • Idea to change character infoboxes to add more images for different renders/games.

    • EVO 2015 is/has continuing/ended and much fun was had for all.
    • Some good hype was had for dat EVO tho. srs tho
    • We saw Pluto naked and now people wanna make it a planet again.

    I do what I want, when I want boi!

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  • Pinkachu

    Just before E3 2015, I announced an exciting opportunity for Wikia to visit with the developers of Black Ops 3 and present questions from the community. Thanks to your excellent contributions, we are thrilled to present you with a Special Edition of Wikia's Expert Showcase featuring community questions answered by Dan Bunting, the Multiplayer Game Director at Treyarch. 

    Check out the video below!

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  • Inkie Twig

    Even while being cold as bollocks, I bring the news

    • The bonus map for Black Ops 3 is confirmed as "The Giant".
    • The trailer for the actual gameplay for Zombies is shown off as well as the Special Edition goodies.
    • Advance Warfare files leaked that shows off a few of the new weaponry and other things.

    • War Room has a few newer forums up
      • A proposal for the removal of lesser used emotes in the chat
      • Adding in animated files into articles
      • How should we title the files from the Black Ops series

    • Kobnami has done it.
    • President and CEO of Nintendo, Satoru Iwata has passed away at age 55.
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  • Crazy sam10

    Good evening. Tonight we shall shock and amaze you with our great tale. But first, a word from our sponsor;

    Much like the job of every CoD community manager, not much is happening in the news of CoD.

    • We get to see how the community react to the new Call of Duty; Pay no attention to the bribe behind the curtain.

    • Scheduled Poll 30: Rise of the Sun.
    • Also, Dan Bunting "answered" our Q/A we set up some time ago. And by "answered" I mean "completely missed the point of every question given to him so there were no answers at all". Anyone wishing to see how it's possible to miss the side of a barn can do so here.

    • Nothing new has come up since last weeks news, however there are many topics that still need some input.
      • The Giveaway of Black Ops 3 will be happening. We just need a discussion on how to do it …

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  • Inkie Twig

    'cause N7 got bored.

    • Treyarch is going to reveal something undead at SDCC
    • While Menendez won't return for Black Ops 3, His Voice Actor will.

    • War Room has a few newer forums up
      • A proposal for the removal of lesser used emotes in the chat
      • Adding in animated gif files into articles
      • How should we file the files from the Black Ops series

    • Golden Grin Casino and Sokol the Heister have been added to Payday 2.
    • Homosexual marriage is now completely legal in all 50 states of the USA.
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  • Callofduty4

    Thank you to Argo and Soapie Shad for helping me get this right

    Treyarch have tweeted what appears to be a teaser for something related to Zombies to be revealed at San Diego Comic Con on July 9th.

    It is worth keeping in mind that multiplayer reveals normally doesn't make an appearance until Gamescom, however this year it appeared much earlier at E3.


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  • Deathmanstratos

    E3 is over! Many stuff and things happened! Hail Todd Howard the Weevil!

    • Black Ops III is all over the place! Shown at Sony's E3 conference, it looks like a lot of funexcept for us categorizers/image namers
    • The Black Ops III Multiplayer trailer from E3
    • 'Black Ops III Singleplayer with co-op in action!
    • More Black Ops III co-op gameplay!
    • The P90 is back as the Weevil!

    • Risingsun has more polls
    • Inkie Twig summarizes E3!

    • You like naming files? Of course you do, so tell us, should filenames end with BOIII or BO3?
    • Tell us what you think of animated gifs being sued on pages
    • You miss us being the Call of Duty Wiki? Or do you like serving ATLAS?
    • We need to do something about COD:FILE and how it applies to videos.
    • What to do about damage values and range?

    mfw the Weevil is the P90

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  • DBD Abyss

    I'm out of hibernation for E3. hey

    • Black Ops 3 will release for XBOX 360 and PS3, which will be developed by Beenox and Mercenary Technology
    • AW camos inbound
    • royalty guns in AW

    • AW update on PS3

    • We are now either all squids or kids now.
    • I don't think there was much wiki news


    • BO3 AMA thread questions
    • We have 8 on-going forums:
      • change COD:FILE rules for videos.
      • Representing damage where one value is duplicate + Range display re-work.
      • AW Weapon Variant Menu Icons.
      • Regarding the For template.
      • Supply Weaponry Changes.
      • Slight changes to hilites.
      • Giveaway
      • Research Polls

    FO4, FO4, FO4, FO4, FO4, FO4, FO4, FO4, FO4, FO4, FO4, FO4, FO4, FO4, FO4, FO4, FO4, FO4, FO4, FO4, FO4, FO4, FO4, FO4, FO4, FO4, FO4, FO4, FO4, FO4, FO4, FO4, FO4, FO4, FO4, FO4, FO4, FO4, FO4, FO4, FO4, FO4, FO4, FO4, FO4, FO4, FO4, FO4, FO…

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  • Pinkachu

    Hello Call of Duty fans! Wikia may have an exciting opportunity at E3 2015 to visit with the developers of Call of Duty:Black Ops 3. What does the future hold for Black Ops? What do you want to know from the creators? Let us know for an upcoming Community Q&A!

    Leave any and all questions you have for the Call of Duty:Black Ops 3 team in the comments below. We plan to bring your questions to the developers and post their answers as soon as we can. While we can't promise to get every question answered, we will do our best to bring you information straight from the source.

    Please use the comment section below and have your questions to us no later than 5pm PT on Sunday June 14th.

    UPDATE: The questions were presented to the developers and we have created a special video for the community to enjo…

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  • Soap Shadow

    The weekly news again, and it feels like its the daily news - that's how quick weeks are going.

    • Supremacy DLC released for XBOX.
    • Supremacy Exo Zombies Carrier Trailer was released.
    • XBOX One, XBOX 360, PS4 and PC got a new Advanced Warfare patch update.
    • Zombiehunter115 wanted to reveal that the M1 Irons has been released for PS3.

    • A new forum was brought up by RisingSun2013, suggesting that we should change COD:FILE rules for videos.
    • We still have 7 on-going forums (I know, you're probably bored hearing the same forum names over and over again)
      • Representing damage where one value is duplicate + Range display re-work.
      • AW Weapon Variant Menu Icons.
      • Regarding the For template.
      • Supply Weaponry Changes.
      • Slight changes to hilites.
      • Giveaway
      • Research Polls

    Instead of a poll this time, I've decided to do a top 10…

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  • Argorrath

    Welcome everyone, young and old! To the amazing world of....Eh?

    • The Supremacy DLC Trailer has been released for AW
    • Alex Mason and Richtofen where leaked to at least be in BO3
    • Many weapons will be buffed in an upcoming AW patch.
    • New Legendary and Retired Gears will be available on June 9th for Xbox.

    • Changes for how the For Template will be used
    • Menu Icons for the different Variants in AW
    • How we document Weapon Variants
    • How we will document and display the damage ranges on guns

    • Splatoon became the thing that did stuffs.
    • Silent Hills' IP was bought by Microsoft....but then confirmed to still be canceled until we have no more tears.

    It'll never end!

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  • Inkie Twig

    Once again, I'm half awake and I got news.

    • PS3 finally gets the most recent AW patch.
    • AW will be getting some new gear, However it'll be Xbox One exclusive for awhile.
    • Black Ops 3 has only been confirmed for the current gen and PC. So says Vonderhaar.

    • Don't forget to check out User of the Month and Featured Articles as it is nearing the end of the month!

    • Reworking the range display of weaponry.
    • Changes to how the Supply Drop weaponry is shown.
    • Creating a new subpage for each weaponry similar to cameos.

    • Witcher 3 and the Alesso Heist for Payday 2 have dropped this week, Both being quite brilliant.

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  • Soap Shadow

    Another week passed, and not much has happened in terms of Call of Duty news.

    • New SAC3 Variants and new Elite Variants coming to XBOX ONE on May 19th.
    • NaDeSHoT and OpTic Gaming win the CoD eSports UMG California 2015 Event.

    • Template:USERNAME is now back, working again thanks to Sactage. The template stopped working in August/September 2013.
    • We have 2 new forums:
      • A new forum on how damage should be represented - Here is Sam's idea of how it should be done - Discuss this on the forum.
      • A forum about how the "For" template should be used.
    • We still have 6 on-going forums which haven't been edited for a long time:
      • Slight changes to hilites - Last edit May 3rd
      • Giveaway - Last edit May 1st
      • Research Polls - Last edit April 29th
      • AW Weapon Variant Menu Icons - Last edit April 24th
      • Supply Weaponry Changes - Last…

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