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Blood Anvil
Blood Anvil Logo IW
Leader(s) Viktor Krushkin
Appears in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare
Country Mercury Cluster, presumably Mercury or Vesta 3
Type Private Military Company
"Here you are at last. Everything has led you to this. All the missions, all the killing, has led you to us; but you are not Blood Anvil yet. You have to prove yourself, with blood and fire. Be the best! Kill the most! Complete your mission without any question, and then we'll see if you are truly Blood Anvil; and I, Commander Viktor Krushkin will be your judge."
Viktor Krushkin

Blood Anvil is a private military company based in the Mercury Cluster. Not much is known about their leader or their organization, but it can be said that they only hire the most elite type of soldiers. Blood Anvil is lead by Commander Viktor Krushkin.[1] Their gear appears to be a mixture of UNSA and SDF equipment.

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