Opening Text: The captured airstrip now serves as a landing zone for allied bombers making runs over the Umorbrogol Mountains. Intelligence indicates a vast underground cave system is located in those mountains. The troops have orders to proceed up the Mountain and into "Bloody Nose Ridge" to look for an entrance to this cave system.

The player spawns at one side of a canyon with boulders in it. There are ledges above on either side.

Pvt. Drucker: The enemy could be anywhere. Watch for snipers! Keep your eyes on ridges and outcroppings.

The enemy starts attacking.

Pvt. Drucker: They're behind the large boulder!

The player clears the enemies out. Meanwhile, Pvt. Drucker is gunned down by enemy fire.

Cpt. Anderson: Clear! Move out!

The player moves up and begins clearing enemies up a hill

Cpt. Anderson: Machine gun nest to the east!

The player takes out the machine gun and some more enemies. They move towards a climbable cliff face.

Cpt. Anderson: Hope you boys are in the mood for some climbing. Let's hit those ledges!

The player climbs the ledges and makes their way through a small canyon to a clearing, where they take out several enemies.

Cpt. Anderson: Push forward!

The player finishes clearing the area.

Soldier: Enemy artillery on the far ridge!

Cpt. Anderson: Marine! Get on that mortar, help those men on the beach! Take out that artillery!

The player uses the mortar to take out the artillery.

Cpt. Anderson: Nice work!

The player moves towards the cave to their right and takes out a couple of enemies.

Cpt. Anderson: Let's move out!

The player moves deeper into the cave.

Soldier: Fall in! Get that machine gun emplacement. We might need it!

The player grabs the machine gun before moving out of the cave. They use the machine gun to clear the area of hostiles.

Cpt. Anderson: Clear! Regroup!

The player regroups with their squad.

Cpt. Anderson: Looks like we have found the cave network. Keep your head on a swivel, we are going in!