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Bomb Obj MW2 MW3 BO

A Bomb Objective, also known as a Bomb Site, is a site where bombs are planted and defused in game modes such as Search and Destroy, SabotageDemolition and Search and Rescue and War Mode.

In Search and DestroyDemolition, and Search and Rescue, there are two bomb sites, whereas in Sabotage there is just one. The bomb sites in Search and Destroy, Demolition and Search and Rescue are labeled as bomb site 'A' and bomb site 'B'. The bomb sites are labeled as "Defend" if the opposing team has the bomb and "Destroy" if the player's team controls the bomb. These Objective sites are usually placed in areas where there are many ways of defending, such as from corners from long distance, to gantries or windows overlooking.

Bomb Objective ModelsEdit