For an enemy with the same name, see Bomber (Extinction).
B-17 Bomber Dropping Bombs
The Bomber
Previous level Noville
Next level Train Bridge
Game Call of Duty: United Offensive
Character Sgt. James Doyle
Team Squadron of B-17 Flying Fortress bombers
Place Somewhere over the English Channel
Date September 2, 1941
Objective Defend the B-17 Flying Fortress while on a routine bombing mission.
Enemies Luftwaffe

"Bomber" is the fifth mission in the Call of Duty: United Offensive campaign. It is also the first mission of the British campaign.

Walkthrough Edit

The following sections are a walkthrough.

Getting Started Edit

The player will spawn in an American B-17 Flying Fortress that was given to the British. When the player heads to the dorsal gun, on the way they will see four large medical kits, so pick them up if they are needed or wanted.

As the player begins to approach the cockpit, they will be advised by a fellow crewman to head up to the dorsal turret before the skipper gets mad. Once the player gets in the dorsal turret, there will be a weapon check, so just remember that the weapons have unlimited ammunition available.

As the player's squadron reaches the coast of Holland, the squadron is bombarded by flak, so do not worry. Closing off the gas leak is a cinch, but going against the Luftwaffe is a nail-biter, it depends on the difficulty the player puts the game.

The fight against the Luftwaffe takes a few minutes, so do not think that the bomber is going to make it back in one piece. Also, the majority and maybe even all of the other bombers will be taken down so the player might have to spend sometime on their own.

After minutes of keeping the Jerries off of the bomber with MGs and also fixing another gas leak, the player is tasked with using the manual crank because the doors on the tummy of the bomber are jammed.

Once the doors are open, just watch in fascination as the bombs fall.

After that, there is suddenly a fire on the tail of the bomber, and the player is ordered to get the extinguisher to put out the fire.

As the player heads over to get the extinguisher, they are swept off of the bomber, and after falling over 100 feet from the bomber, the player opens their parachute that they had equipped during the attack.

The level ends while the player is parachuting to the ground.



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