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Bravo Map Pack
Call of Duty 3
Xbox 360
Gare Centrale
Aller Haut
Seine River
Date Released
May 21, 2006
Microsoft Points icon400 (Xbox 360)

Bravo Map Pack is the second downloadable map pack for Call of Duty 3. It was released as of May 31, 2007. The Bravo pack featured three new maps and two returning maps from Call of Duty, and Call of Duty: United Offensive. The new maps are Rimling, Aller Haut, and Seine River. Gare Centrale returns from the original entry, and Marseilles from United Offensive. It was originally available for 800 Microsoft Points on Xbox Live, but the price has since been cut down to only 400 Microsoft Points. It is also unavailable for download on the Playstation Network


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