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The Breda M37 is a heavy machine gun, and was the standard heavy machine gun for the Royal Italian Army during World War II.

Call of Duty 2: Big Red One Edit

Breda M37
Weapon Class Machine gun
Maximum Ammunition Unlimited
Recoil Low
Fire Mode Automatic
Used by Royal Italian Army

The Breda 37 is featured only in the Call of Duty 2: Big Red One campaign and can only be in the missions "Operation Husky" and "Piano Lupo". During "Operation Husky", the M37 is found mounted on sandbags or on log piles around the beach, used by the Royal Italian Army. The player can use the guns, but they are pointing in the direction the player came from, rendering them useless. During "Piano Lupo", it is again found mounted.

It is first seen at the beginning of the level used by Italian soldiers, and again later, where two Breda 37 positions pin down the player and their squad after finding a wounded soldier in a river bed. It makes its final appearance in the final segment of the mission, where the player must defend a series of bunkers, including a two-story bunker with a Breda 37 in the back. The player is eventually ordered to use the Breda 37 to fend off several waves of attacking Italian infantry before the end of the level. The Breda M37 features high damage, a low rate of fire, and an overheating time after extensive fire. It is somewhat similar to the M2 Browning in performance, and also features the similar V-notch sight of the MG42.


  • The M37 is not reloaded by changing the magazine, but instead using clips to fill the magazine.