Codghostsicon Call of Duty Ghosts Extinction icon
Appears in Call of Duty: Ghosts
Rank Giant Cryptid
Affiliations Cryptids
Status Deceased
Killed By Members of CIF Team 1
Sex Female
Eyes Red
Race Cryptid
Death October 30th, 2017
Timeline Extinction Timeline
Level Nightfall

The Breeder is an enemy Cryptid appearing in the Extinction level, "Nightfall". 


The Breeder is a large, spider-like creature that is armed with large claws. In the trailer, the Breeder is seen stabbing a person in the chest with sharp claws. It has two basic attacks of shooting and spawning eggs that contain the Cryptids. When facing a Breeder, it is best to shoot at its head to damage it. The Breeder has a health bar that is located at the left corner of the screen. 


The Breeder has a powerful melee attack that nearly downs any player. It cannot use this attack while using another. It also has a "machine gun" attack. When using this, two "guns" that do massive amounts of damage and have an extremely high rate of fire will spring out and fire at the players.

They can only target one player at a time and will retract if there are no available targets. It is also capable of launching large clusters of gas. This gas does more damage than that of a Scorpion, has a larger radius, and lasts far longer. 

Trophy Systems will block some of the projectiles before they hit the ground, but if players are lucky enough to find multiple Trophy Systems, they can completely suppress this attack. Unfortunately, they cannot stop its "machine gun" attack.

The medic upgrade for gas immunity does not protect against this. It also can fire off eggs in groups of two (or three depending on the number of players in the lobby). These eggs will remain until they hatch into Hunters, however, they are very vulnerable whilst growing. In the final encounter with the Breeder, at the end of Nightfall, there are several pillars that stand at either side of the Breeder.

After its health is reduced to 50%, the wave round is over, and the Breeder returns to the battleground, the pillars can spawn three flowers that will regenerate a little bit of the Breeder's health if not disposed of as fast as possible. When enough damage is inflicted to its head it will stumble backwards and reveal one of three weak spots in its chest.

Whilst down, the player(s) can go right up to the creature and do as much damage as they desire without being hit by the Breeder. However, after a short while, the creature will regain strength and continue to fight the player(s). When the Breeder dies, it screeches into the air as a sign of defeat and will fall to the ground and will twitch a bit until it dies.


  • Survived Nightfall (20 Gamerscore/ Bronze Trophy Bronze Trophy PS3 icon) - Kill the Breeder for the first time in Nightfall.
  • Speed Slayer (20 Gamerscore/ Bronze Trophy Bronze Trophy PS3 icon) - Kill the Breeder in less than 5 minutes in Nightfall.
  • Nightfall Completionist (30 Gamerscore/ Silver Trophy Silver Trophy PS3 icon) - Complete all challenges and kill the Breeder in Nightfall.
  • Throttled Survival (30 Gamerscore/ Silver Trophy Silver Trophy PS3 icon) - Kill the Breeder while using a Relic in Nightfall.



  • The Breeder is what lays the eggs in Extinction mode.
  • The Extinction Prestige level 10 features the Breeder as the symbol.
  • When the Hypno Knife is used on the Breeder, its eggs will have a rainbow explosion when destroyed.
  • At the beginning of the game, when the Breeder kills the lone soldier, it is possible for the Breeder to injure the player if they are too close. It will take away about 40% of the player's health.

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