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"Sir, we believe staff may have been trying to destroy evidence implicating them in the outbreak."
Saber 10
"Maxis told me he had a plan. He said, Broken Arrow showed him how to open up new worlds."

Broken Arrow is an organization that was first mentioned in Die Rise by recon Saber 5 in the radio message. According to the radios, a fire has destroyed the facility, which might have been lit by the organization's followers to destroy evidence implicating them in the zombie outbreak following the destruction of Earth.

Broken Arrow is also mentioned by Marlton Johnson in the Buried cutscene when trying to get Russman his memory back. He explains that Russman was a former operative in the group prior to an incident that forced him to leave Broken Arrow and travel the world, homeless.

Broken Arrow is also mentionned by S.O.P.H.I.A. in the map Gorod Krovi.

In the Zombies comic, the Green Run crew are teleported to a secret Broken Arrow base, where it is revealed that the organization attempted to experiment with a shard of Element 115, which they acquired from Division 9, on live animals in order to gain an advantage in the Cold War. The experiment failed, as all the test subjects, dubbed "bios", went wild and massacred all personnel of the facility, except Russman, who managed to seal them in.

During the present time, as Marlton attempts to stop the zombies from coming after the crew, he activates the auxiliary power, which powers up the shard, causing all bios to become active once more. After a three way battle between the crew, the bios and the zombies, Russman leads the crew toward where the shard is located, and puts it inside a sealed container for safekeeping.

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