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For a similarly named enemy, see Brutus (Zombies).

The Brute is a type of Zombie in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. They appear on the map Zombies in Spaceland.

Brutes are the "mascots" of Zombies in Spaceland. the Brute in Zombies in Spaceland wears a helmet. This helmet can shoot laser beams. After taking sufficient damage to the head the only way to damage the Brute is by shooting its head, similar to a Margwa, the Brute will take off his helmet and move faster. His helmet can still shoot laser beams though. It is highly advised to avoid its deadly laser, as it will continuously track the player - and can kill a player in seconds if they do not intervene. It is significantly larger than surrounding zombies - and therefore is difficult to ignore in tight spaces like the Arcade. When killed, it will drop a random power up. More than one brute can spawn at a time - and it is generally recommended to deal with the Brutes first, as they stay in between rounds, and give much needed respites and rewards, such as Double Moneys, Max Ammos, and Fire Sales.

Trivia Edit

  • Willard Wyler often speaks about the Brute in-game - usually when it spawns, attempts to pursue and kill the player, and when the player finally kills it. ("I see you've met out lovely Spaceland mascot 'Brute'. He enjoys quiet strolls through the park, and ripping arms from torsos. I hope your first date is a good one").

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