Bunker Buster
Bunker Buster CoD4 DS
Previous level Spectre
Next level AMF
Game Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (Nintendo DS)
Character Bravo 9
Team SAS
Place Eastern Russia
Date 2300 hrs. Day 4, 2011
Objective Retrieve document set one.
  • Place charges in the computer room.
  • Retrieve document set two.
  • Place charges in the munitions depot.
  • Retrieve document set three.
  • Place charges in the operations facility.
  • Get to the extraction point.
Enemies Ultranationalists
"Bravo 9 in position for breach!"
— SSgt. Munsey

"Bunker Buster" is a mission in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (Nintendo DS) that takes place immediately after the previous mission, "Spectre". The objective is to retrieve specific documents while planting C4 in specific areas.

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Summary Edit

After the AC-130H Spectre softens up the last bunker, the player assumes the role of Bravo 9 as the squad infiltrates the base. The player starts off facing a door which teammates will blow open. Ultranationalists are in every room and corridor of the bunker. The player is tasked to retrieve different documents from specific places while planting C4 in various places. Once all the C4 is planted, the C4 will begin a countdown, the player must leave the bunker before the time runs out. The player will encounter many enemy troops along the way. The area will shake more violently every passing second. The level ends when the player successfully reaches the extraction point before the countdown ends.

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Starting Loadout

Trivia Edit

  • An easter egg can be found on this level. It is simply a room with a shooting range (similar to "F.N.G."). In it all guns of the game appear, except sniper rifles and the M9.
  • L/Cpl Farrand Jr., Highsmith, and Lindquist can be saved by standing directly in front of them before they reach the location each are supposed to die in.