Call of Duty 2
American, German
Console Codename (PC)

Burgundy is a multiplayer map in Call of Duty 2.


Burgundy is a small map with a lot of close-range firefights. There are a total of five buildings that players can enter: a two-story house on the German side (in terms of flag spawns) of the map with an MG-42 on the upper floor, a partially destroyed two-story house on the American side with a .30-cal on the upper floor, two rooms of different houses, and a sniping perch—type room with a separated garage near the German building. The center of the map is overlooked by both machine guns, and therefore often becomes a killzone; there's a large street that splits into two and runs through the middle and one side of the map, and the other side of the map can be traversed through a large backyard.

Basic burgundy

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