Roebuck: Though we've taken the airfield, the enemy still hold onto most of the inland areas of the island. A maze of trenches and artillery positions run right through this whole Godforsaken rock. The enemy's dug in deep, and we have to get our hands dirty. Flamethrowers. We'll burn 'em out.

Gameplay Edit

['Burn 'em out']

[Sept. 15, 1944]

[White Beach, Peleliu]

[Pvt. Miller]

[1st Marine Division]

Roebuck: Our tanks are getting hammered by mortar fire! We need to clear these trenches and knock out each mortar pit! Get ready with that flamethrower! Incoming!!!

Polonsky: MG up on that hill! It's tearing up our men!

Roebuck: Throw some smoke for cover! Or it will rip us to shreds!

Polonsky: Throw smoke!

As the player throws smoke, the team proceeds.

Roebuck: Go! All right... let's keep on 'em! This way! Eyes open!

Polonsky: First mortar pit up ahead!

Roebuck: Go clear it out, Miller...

As the player clears the pit:

Roebuck: One down. Move on!

Polonsky: We got snipers in the trees!

Roebuck: Get up there! Take the high ground!

Polonsky: There's the next mortar pit!

Roebuck: Burn 'em!!!!

As the player clears the pit:

Roebuck: Taken out. One more pit to clear. Keep it up.

Polonsky: We got snipers in the trees!

Roebuck: Take cover! Behind the barrels, get down!

Polonsky: Look out! Enemies on the ridge!

The team proceeds to multiple tunnels.

Polonsky: Throw smoke!

Roebuck: Get in there and clear those tunnels!

The player clears out the tunnels.

Roebuck: Last mortar pit's dead ahead! Move! We're almost done here.

As the pit is clear:

Roebuck: Outstanding!

Radio Operator: Sir, mortar pits have been neutralized... Tanks are now en route to the point.

Polonsky: Tanks are moving up!

Roebuck: Radio command, tell 'em we've cleared the mortar pits. Good work, Marines...

As the tanks are moving up on the ridge, the mission ends.